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Apr 11, 2014 02:29 PM

Persian or Lebanese Restaurant - 2 nights in London

We've got 2 nights in London and are already booked one night. I want some Persian or Lebanese on our first night and have whittled it down to the below list. Looking for a good mix of atmosphere and food (and don't want to spend an hour waiting in line for a table). What do people think?


Chez Marcelle

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  1. I've eaten at a number of Lebanese restaurants in the captial over the years. My favourite remains Noura. They take reservations so no waiting an hour in a queue. I can't imagine waiting in a queue for dinner.

    1. mohsen hands down for persian.

      alas, marcelle seems to have packed it in. tragedy. but al waha in westbourne grove is cooking at a very high standard these days - the best in london inmho. and they take reservations too. full disclosure: the owner is an acquaintance. but you can see from the search engine that that was my opinion of al waha even before the friendship.