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Apr 11, 2014 02:12 PM

Thoughts on Prague restaurants

I've been reading along many of the Prague discussions as I'm planning my upcoming 4 night trip in May. I think I've narrowed the list to the below and would love thoughts--yes, keep on the list; no, don't go; any other ideas that I have not included? Also, would love any reco's of "off the beaten path" restaurants that are hidden gems. We're from NYC so we love going to must-visit restaurants but also love a good secret spot that really represents cultural food.

--Lvi Dur
--U Tří růží

Also, my plan is to visit these places for dinner but if you recommend for lunches or have any recommended places for lunch, would love to hear. also, cafe's/bakeries too!

any help in creating our restaurant itinerary is much appreciated.

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  1. Lokal is loud. We had a reservation in the non-smoking room of the Dlouha street location, and enjoyed the evening. The beer is great. And what I liked best, was that they tell you on the menu how large the portions are. I ordered the goulash, because I read on the menu that it was a 100 gram portion.
    We did not go to Degusation, because I was not up to a 3-4 hour degustation menu.
    We ate in Sansho, which was great!
    We also went to Chagall's, which was very good,

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      Thank you bcc. One question I forgot to ask---do you need reservations for many or all places? Sansho I've seen on many boards about prague so I may consider that as well m

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        Reservations for prime dinner hours are 100% recommended for Lokal, if you want to wander in in the afternoon and stake out a table you can do that too but it takes away from your exploring Prague time.

        Degustation requires reservations as well but is 100% worth it, IMO. You also should get the wine pairings as the Sommelier is one of the best in the country.

        Not quite off the beaten track so much, but not often visited by tourists is U Zavěšenýho Kafe on Úvoz 6 near the castle. It is a smoking establishment but has good food and a casual atmosphere.

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          Agree that Lokal/Dlouha is loud but we thought it was 'good loud' and highly recommend. We couldn't get a same day or next day res for dinner but were able to walk in a share a table for six with two others. Sansho was great also and definitely need a res.

          Delucacheesemonger HIGHLY recommends Degustation. I just couldn't spring for the more expensive menu which we strongly preferred plus the wine pairings but it sounds perfect.

        2. Your list is fine as it is. Just two or three small ideas to give perspective.

          Lokal is very good for lunch - no booking needed, just walk in. Less noise and less smokey than in the evenings.

          I prefer Sansho over Alcron anytime, but that is because Sansho is one of the rare places that serve reliable first class fish and seafood.

          Degustation is a matter of social standing. You will eat a large meal in one of the city's most expensive places. However, this type of fixed tasting menu with many small dishes, can be had elsewhere in Europe for less money and considerably better quality.


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            I don't know if he'll see this so I'll add just one of delucacheesemonger's comments about Degustation:


            Also one CAN make a res for lunch at Lokal.

              1. re: hblnk

                This might be a matter of taste. These three restaurants could not be more different.

                While I love Sansho, it is a fusion of Asian cuisines and definitelly non-It is also quite informal with large tables and bench seating. They serve a menu of 5 smaller dishes and one main, with optional desserts..

                Alcron is a fantastic French cuisine highly formal place, with the best lobster bisque I have ever had including several Michelin starred restaurants in France. They do have absolutelly fresh fish, they just don't serve it raw.

                Degustation Boheme Bourgeoise is, as its name suggests, a degustation restaurant, serving small and very elaborate plates using some, but not a lot, of the molecular cuisine techniques. It does have a significant Czech cuisine influence and tastes. For me, it is definitelly the best restaurant in Prague.

                All of these are expensive and quite filling, latter two also are quite formal. Maybe you can pick one of them?

                Also, you can try out Cester, a beef serving restaurant, quite informal a great for a slow-food lunch. As for cafes, there is Cafe Savoy across the river from the National Theater (a nice walk on the bridge), serving great breakfasts, pastries and cakes and good warm food as well.

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                  At Sansho our dinner for two with a bottle of wine was US$70 which isn't an everyday meal for us but I wouldn't describe it as "expensive."

                  1. re: c oliver

                    that's great to know, helpful in planning

                  2. re: sasicka

                    appreciate the insight, this is helpful

                2. If you go to Degustation, it no longer has two different menus, local and international, just one,according to Vanderb.
                  If possible eat at the kitchen view seats, l was alone and it served as excellent theater.
                  The sommelier is indeed awesome.

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                  1. re: Delucacheesemonger

                    They still have the two and when we were standing there reading them, we agreed that we would only have wanted the extended one AND the wine pairings. That just got a bit beyond our budget but it sounds divine.


                    1. re: c oliver

                      They do still have two menus, the long one and a shorter one, but the short one is based on the long. Two years ago they had an "international" long and short menu and a Czech long and short menu. That is what I had meant by two menus. FWIW :-)

                      1. re: vanderb

                        That is what l meant as well.
                        the local menu not the international was my awesome one.

                  2. I suspect I'm replying far too late to be of much help for your trip - but I'd like to recommend a fantastic 'off the beaten path/hidden gem' restaurant that we tried out for lunch today. It's on the outskirts of Prague, practically at the edge of the yellow metro line, in what looks to be a village that has been slightly swallowed up by an encroaching suburb.
                    The restaurant is called 'Kastrol' and is very much in the slowfood-locavore-gastropub vein. Totally unpretentious, friendly, untouristy with great local ingredients and reasonable prices. We went today and they had a special 'Asparagus Menu' on offer.
                    They have no english menu so best is to check it on the day and put it through Google translate before arriving so you have a sense of what you want to eat. The waiters are all really friendly and can speak English - and you can book a table online.
                    In nice weather - eat at one of the wooden picnic tables in the courtyard and order a glass of Moravian rose to go with your food.
                    Here's a great description from the Taste of Prague blog:

                    And Kastrol's website:

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                      Thank you for posting this! You may be too late to help Jpaige5's trip but I'm going at the end of June and this sounds like a place I would love :) I'm familiar with the neighborhood, and love giving new places a try.

                      1. re: alliegator

                        Enjoy! I've discovered they also have a sister restaurant but a bit further out of Prague - maybe worth trying as well if you have a car!

                        And definitely visit the Naplavka Farmer's market on the riverbank near Vysehrad on Saturday. Lots of great food and wine to be had that you can enjoy on the spot. We enjoyed grilled rainbow trout and paper cups of rose while dangling our feet over the side of pavement.

                        1. re: suedobbs

                          Thank you so much for the tips!
                          I used to live there (10 years ago--yikes) and went in December. I'm going for 10 days and traveling with my grandfather, a Prague native. We'll have a car and have rented and apt close to Vyšehrad.
                          The rec for the market is quite helpful as I'd like to cook a few meals. Thanks again :)