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Apr 11, 2014 01:47 PM

"Pappy Meals"

"After years of careful hoarding, Citizen Public House is going to be releasing their secret stash in a special package they’re calling the “Pappy Meal.” Every Monday, starting on April 14, a limited supply (Frederick anticipates about a half dozen) of “meal” sets will be available on the daily special board. The “Pappy Meal” will come housed in a Western-themed box and will include a rotating two-ounce pour of Van Winkle whiskey in a house-branded bottle, a serving of chef Joe Levandowski’s bread-and-butter pickles, a bag of house-made beef jerky (brined and cured in Tamari, ginger, coriander, yuzu, and cardamom), a toy, and various surprises like Citizen Public House temporary tattoos and buttons."

This is gimmicky but fun and for people (like my husband!) who want to try it, I this is a neat way to do it. Plus the bar will get a HUGE PR kick from this, and with only half a dozen available every night, will be able to direct that overflow business into their more conventional offerings. What do you think?

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