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Apr 11, 2014 12:13 PM

Good Bar Food / Pub Grub?

We'll be visiting NYC the second weekend in May (actually 4 nights total). I've managed to score Babbo reservations for Friday night, and want to hit Gramercy Tavern (the Tavern Room) another night, but want to keep it casual for the rest of the dining. What are some places with great burgers, wings, sandwiches and other traditional bar food? A solid craft beer selection is a big plus (much of our touring while we're in NYC will be to beer-centric establishments). We're staying in Midtown (44th St. befween Ave. of the Americas and Park Ave.), but will certainly be out and about while we're there.

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  1. The Waterfront Ale House would be a good choice. Good pub food and a great beer selection.

    2nd Ave. and 30th St.

    1. If you want to go less traditional bar food but more special and interesting, try The Breslin, Spotted Pig or the Butterfly.

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      1. re: mla19

        I think cost might be an issue. What do you think a meal for two would cost in those places?

        1. re: Bob Martinez

          Look up any restaurant's menu with prices on, here is the one for spotted pig- depends a lot on how much you drink and what it is you order....

          1. re: Ttrockwood

            Based on the OP's post it appeared that he was looking for a low key/lower cost option. Based on that I asked a fair question. How much will the ticket be? You and I know that the Breslin is pricey - he wouldn't.

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              Ah- sorry i meant to reply to the OP so he could see menus with prices. Just a burger and beer should stay within budget but its also easy to ring a high tab quickly...

      2. Having worked in the area for more than twelve years, I can say that Mulligans Pub on Madison & 39th makes a superb burger, has a large selection of beers and is very close to where you are staying. Rare in the thirties on Lexington Avenue would also be a good and more upscale option.

        1. You should also check out the Ginger Man [] on 36th just east of Fifth Ave.
          I think its beer selection is better than the Waterfront's, although its food, while quite fine as 'pub grub', probably less creative. It's also close to where you're staying, although you may want to narrow down your coordinates: there are three pretty long crosstown blocks between Sixth (as the Ave. of the A's is called locally) & Park.

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          1. re: Phil Ogelos

            Yes, I think The Ginger Man is on the agenda for at least a beer or two. As for a more exact location, our hotel is between 6th and 5th Ave (was previously looking at a fairly zoomed out Google Maps view).

            1. re: boingo2000

              That's a great block to be on, boingo: the lobby of the Algonquin; Lantern's Keep at the Iroquois (a darling of cocktail-loving 'hounds); the DB Bistro Moderne; (whatever excuse you can employ to crash) the Harvard Club's main dining room; Kellari; the Strip House; -and that's only covering the north side of the street.
              If you want to live life like a real New Yorker, just hang out abed for the whole of your stay like John & Yoko did, and order everything in. Have a great trip!

          2. If you're on the les stop into tiny's giant sandwiches (they really are!!) open til 10pm, very reasonable prices

            Linen hall in the e village has 12 craft beers on tap and specials through the week, my foodie friend loves the patty melt, the mushroom crostini were very good. Draft beer menu here: