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Apr 11, 2014 11:47 AM

Bombay Choupati Menu

Hi hounders,

Would anyone have a scanned menu of Bombay Choupati, I wanted to call in and pick up for takeout.

Either way, what are your favorite dishes?

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  1. Dosas (although the pancake doesn't do well with take-out)
    Shrimp Curry
    Vindaloo (it doesn't come very spicy though)
    Some really good appetizers too with chick peas, the names escape me.

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    1. re: JerkPork

      Another vote for the dosas.
      Fruit chat.
      I really like all of their vegetarian curries.

    2. Their butter chicken sauce is the best I've ever had. My only objection to the dish is that I am pretty sure they use chicken breast and it has been pretty dry at times.

      But the sauce + naan.... so good

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      1. re: Gregoso

        Oh yah, the butter chicken is amazing how could I forget it. I guess cause I'm not a hugh butter chicken fan in general but the one at Bombay Choupati is bang on.

      2. We loved the goat curry, chicken tikka and tandoori chicken. Let me tell you this place is a real find. It was packed tonight; luckily we got there early enough but if you go Sundays after 6 be prepared to wait as the place isn't that big (but not a hole in the wall either). There is nothing to criticize about this place. The staff are friendly and willing to chat; the thalis are not expensive; the pakoras scrumptious. Even the desserts were excellent.

        (Cross thread- I asked about places near the airport for our chef friends and they praised the place as well). This place is worth the effort to drive to (unless you live in Pierrefonds or Dollard and it is just around the corner).

        1. It was every bit as advertised. Had the butter chicken and madras chicken of the combo menu. Divine naan, disapointing rice.

          Will have to try the "full menu". Right now its a tossup with Shahi Palace.

          All I wish is they move close to Lasalle.