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Sep 26, 2003 11:27 AM

Good Value

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I am coming from NYC to take advantage of the favorable exchange rate. I would like to go somewhere fun with emphasis on atmosphere and great food. I would like to find something that is good value. I don't want to pay NYC prices. I can do that in NY. While places like Globe and Rosalies seem to fit the bill, I think they are a little on the pricey side.

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    Brunoise (, at the intersection of St-André and Roy (three or four blocks east of St-Denis) in the Plateau district, sounds right up your alley. Imaginative cooking, cool if industrial décor, smart and affordable wine list with a few well-chosen bottles offered in 250-ml increments. The vanilla panna cotta with passion fruit and basil syrup is not to be missed, a fascinating combination of flavours that both surprises and makes perfect sense, as though it should have always existed.

    Despite having become an institution, L'Express on St. Denis has kept a lid on prices, especially wine prices.

    In the East End, Au Petit Extra (Ontario a few doors west of Papineau) dishes up classic bistro fare at reasonable prices. Good wine list, too.

    On Bernard St. a couple of blocks west of Park Ave. is the very popular La Bastide -- southern French bistro, great desserts. Also, Bernard St. west of Park is chock-a-block with affordable eateries, plus you're only one block north of the St. Viateur bagel factory.

    Don't overlook our BYOs: Le P'tit Plateau, Le Bleu Raisin (, La Colombe and (reportedly) Les Infideles are four of the best on the Plateau. Most BYOs have two seatings on Thursdays through Saturdays; unless you're the eat-'n'-pay-'n'-get-out type, you're best off going to the second.

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      >On Bernard St. a couple of blocks west of Park Ave.
      >is the very popular La Bastide -- southern French
      >bistro, great desserts.

      Oops. La Bastide is a couple of blocks *east* of Park Ave.: 151 Bernard West at Waverly, to be exact. Telephone: 514 271-4934. As far as I know, they don't have a website.

    2. I'll second the Brunoise rec...based on cuisine and value, but makes your reservations early. I'll tried to go 2 times in the last few weeks and couldn't get a table either time. Don't expect any dancing on tables as per some of your previous postings.