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Apr 11, 2014 11:23 AM

East Coaster heading to PDX

I am heading from Philadelphia to Portland for two days as part of a mega west-coast beer trip the last week of May. I have two dinners, a lunch and two breakfasts to plan. Looking for the can't-miss spots in Portland, both food and beer-wise, that aren't accessible on the east coast. (Example -- Pok Pok, because it has a location in New York). Any and all suggestions are welcome. Thanks!

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  1. For beer and food, Hair of the Dog. For breweries, The Commons and Cascade Barrel House (fantastic sours). Apex, Bailey's and Roscoe's are great beer bars. Apex has 50 taps. If you have time to travel east to Hood River (about an hour), definitely check out Pfriem. Avoid touristy breweries like Deschutes, Rogue, and (OMG the worst) Base Camp. Burnside, Breakside, Migration, Coalition, Urban Hopworks, Laurelwood are MOR. Beer is okay but not outstanding. BTW, Michael Jackson's (the beer guy, not the pop star) favorite brewery in the US was Hair of the Dog. The brewer is also a CIA trained chef. A great casual food and beer spot (voted best sandwich somewhere) is Lardo. And food trucks. That's a whole other post. Also a grim stretch of 82nd on the east side is home to some of the best ethnic restaurants in PDX. Apex is my desert island bar...hope for a nice day and the patio is great. There is a good Mexican place next door that delivers to the bar. Have fun!

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      Not even a big beer guy anymore but a big second on Cascade sours. Hair of the Dog has incredibly decadent beers that if you have not tried you really should.

      Hard to say on food as NYC has pretty much everything but you might consider Biwa, Tanuki, Smallwares, Olympic Provisions, Ned Ludd, Pigeon, Racion and Ataula as high quality, interesting places with a Portland stamp to them.

      1. I forgot a new place, NWIPA. Very chill vibe, small but good list, and some food surprises. We had a beautiful plate of fresh shucked oysters there.

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          Hair of the Dog was top of the list, glad it lives up to the hype. My husband loves sours. Thanks for all the recommendations!