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Apr 11, 2014 11:15 AM

help with grade 00 flour...manhattan selling?

Hi, luckily an italian chef is visiting from Italy and will teach a class for us. He has sent a list of ingredients. He has asked for

00 flour for a cake, and pasta.

0 flour for focaccia

fresh cream for panna cotta - heavy, whipping, half and half?

does anyone know where i can purchase such grades of flour in manhattan?

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    1. funny, I just read a NY times article about making pizza dough with 00 flour. I am sure Eataly has it.

      1. Buon Italia (in the Chelsea Market, on 9th Ave and W 15th St) definitely has 00 flour. Be sure to read the labels, though, there's tipo 00 for pasta, and also one for pizza, the latter having more gluten, which you don't want in this case.

        Tipo 0 flour is much less common here, but they probably have that too. They definitely have what the Italians call Manitoba flour, so you might want to check with the chef to see if that would be an acceptable sub for the 0 flour in case they don't have it at the moment. (Tipo 0 is a more generic designation than Manitoba. Again, it's a question of gluten content and Manitoba may have more gluten than is ideal for focaccia.)

        Cream designations are regional. In NY, whipping and heavy cream are usually synonymous. You might want to ask the chef to clarify his idea of the difference between them. Needless to say, both heavy cream and half & half are available in any supermarket.

        1. Thank you to all for your help. I went to Buon Italia today and did find the 00 flour and did not purchase the tipo. I asked who seemed like the chef, a lady busy and harried behind the counter about grade 0 flour but she kind of blew me off. then another sales person saud they didn't have it anymore and hadn't had it in a while. I had the panna cotta recipe with me and asked about the "fresh cream" and was first directed to creme fraiche...a literal translation. Then I was told fresh riccotta is used in panna cotta so....if anyone has made panna cotta and can tell me their choice of cream..half and half, whipping etc, kindly let me know.

          still looking for the grade 0 flour or if anyone knows how to make the equivalent in US flour please let me know.

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            Panna cotta is made with heavy cream. Go to Whole Foods, Food Emporium, or the farmers' market to pick up cream that is not UHT.

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              The only other area I can think of where you might find tipo 0 flour is Arthur Avenue, in the Bronx, but I'm not familiar with the area and wouldn't know where, specifically, to send you. You could try posting on the Outer Boroughs board, maybe someone there can help.

              Fwiw, I'm not much of a baker, but I think American all-purpose flour would be acceptable for focaccia.