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Apr 11, 2014 11:08 AM

Van Dyck's Wyckoff

Anyone remember Van Dyck's (I think that's how it was spelled, and I think that was the name of the establishment) in Wyckoff? It was an old stone building on the main road (I've been away from the area for a long time, so forgive me my failure with names of roads and such), that served ice cream, and there was a field in the back with horses. I remember the ice cream was exquisite, especially on a summer evening. This was during the late 60's/early 70's. One Thanksgiving, my mother bought ice cream turkeys and...again, looking back through the rose colored glasses of middle age...they were exquisite. Once or twice in later years, I drove past, and Van Dyck's is long gone now, replaced by some sort of religious school or college. I wish there were still places like this.

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  1. There's a Van Dyk's on Ackerman Ave in Ridgewood...

    1. The original store is still in Ridgewood on Ackermann avenue. There was also a shop in Franklin Lakes at one time.

      1. The Franklin Lakes location was originally the Sicomac
        Dairy, I believe. Glad to hear the Ridgewood location
        is hanging in there. Do they still make canteloupe ice
        cream in season?

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          I had the canteloupe ice cream last summer.