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Apr 11, 2014 11:01 AM

Trip Itinerary - a few gaps

Hoping for some input for food and drink gaps based on proximity to other itinerary points, and general advice and tastes. We like to graze, we don't really eat breakfast, we like both dives and contemporary modern venues (though we are excited to try Commander's.) We aren't overly worried about or limited in budget, though probably won't opt for dinners that will put us over $140.00 with drinks more than twice, and will try to cap the rest of our meals around the $60-80 range. On foot (or might rent a bike) the whole time. Don't plan to take cabs (except to and from airport), enjoy long walks. 2 women traveling, early 30s, like nice hotels and good service but also loud raucous and unpredictable times.

Friday - April 18

10:30am arrive at airport, cab to French Market Inn to drop bags

11:45pm depart French Market Inn in to walk towards business district, stop along way for quick oysters and a drink - where? Acme? Lukes?

12:45am walk to Loews spa for massage, steam, etc. Appointments at 1:00pm. Is there enough time to get from French Market to Loews with a quick stop somewhere between 11:45 and 1pm? OR is that unlikely. Again we want to walk.

3:30 - Return to hotel to check in

4: happy hour (lukes? Domenica? Drago's?) love pizza, poboys, oysters

6-9 - wander the FQ (suggestions for drinks, and maybe another lite meal on the way to Howling Wolf)

10:00pm - Rebirth Brass Band at Howling Wolf


Brunch at Cafe Amelie

The Presbytere, and then considering a bike tour of the 9th Ward

Happy Hour Suggestion?

Return to hotel to rest

Dinner at Peche

Walk off dinner by heading to Frenchmen Street for music and drinks


Switch to Royal Sonesta hotel

Brunch at Commander's at 1:30

Easter Parades in the afternoon, I think we miss one because of our CP reservations but will be in time for the 4:30 one.

Crawfish Boil and music at Maple Leafs (although given the unusual ingredients, maybe we should try a different crawfish boil since we are keen on this but haven't been to one before?)


Walking the Garden District and Magazine Street

Lunch at Cochon Butcher

Wondering if it will be quiet because it is easter Monday?

Dinner? Something not fancy. Buffa's?


Bywater exploring

Afternoon stop at Bacchanal Wine

Big meal before we leave - steak? Coops? Doris Metropolitan?

Depart for airport at 4:30pm

Last time we went to the following which we don't plan to make time for: Cafe Du Monde, Mr. B's, Cochon for dinner (delicious but too heavy for two girls to make it through a big sharing dinner), pralines (too sweet).

Also love Vietnamese food and have recently realized we may be in for some treats in New Orleans.

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  1. If you're looking for something to do Friday afternoon and also happen to be looking for a crawfish boil, consider the R Bar. They usually get something going on Fridays -- free, but tip the dude -- and it is a raucous good time. Sets you up for a walk down Frenchmen; it's on the early side but it's fun then too.

    Oh, huh ... *today* is Friday. Hmm. Decisions, decisions.

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    1. re: montuori

      Would crawfish boil at R bar make sense before making our way to Howling Wolf for Rebirth Brass Band next Friday?

      1. re: sufficientlybuttered

        It's a bit of a hike[*] but seems like good Rebirth primer. I recommended it partly because it really is a good time (free food, cold beer, kick ass jukebox) but also because the R Bar patrons are pretty friendly: you might get steered in a different direction than what you were originally planning or get some ideas for the rest of your stay.

        On the other hand, if you're looking to see Rebirth while stone cold dead sober it's a sucky recommendation.

        [*] Keep the riverfront street car in mind.

    2. My suggestion for getting a taste of the town (and herwith no shick) is to take Saturday morning as planned. A bike tour of the 9th Ward is not, in my opinion, to be of any better value than a faster, easier car---cab--tour. If you knew what was there before The Flood, the wandering is of interest. Grassy fields and ruined foundations look alike after a short while.

      I'd finish that tour up and go back to the hotel to freshen up nd maybe a 20 minute nap. Put on your best decent Dutchess of Windsor outfits and go to Galatoire's about 2:30 or 3:00. You can graze comfortably and the place will be fairly quiet. I often take a book about that time of day. You can get a sampling of classic NO food and see a slice of our life that many people miss s they gallop through.

      I would not suggestGalatoire's on Sunday, after CP, for a novice, nor would I suggest it for Tuesday when you have a plane departure looming. It is a place for relaxation, not for examination or crossing off bucket lists.

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      1. re: hazelhurst

        That's a good point about touring the (lower) 9th. There are certainly more interesting places to bike around to -- I think Karen D. -- and ever Yelp reviewer -- speaks highly of the Confederacy of Cruisers food (or is it cocktail?) tour.

      2. I think everything you have sounds like a lot of fun, but that's a LOT of walking. I'm a walking/public transport person too, but I would try to devise a more streamlined itinerary. For example, your first day you've got hotel-->Loews on Poydras-->hotel-->[somewhere in CBD for happy hour]-->French Quarter-->Howlin Wolf (deep in Warehouse District)-->presumably planning to walk back to hotel? Again I'm a big walker but that would make me cranky, especially if it's hot and especially considering there's no seating at Howlin Wolf. And on Sunday, walking from your hotel to Commander's, back to the Quarter for the parades, then to the Riverbend just isn't reasonable (and you'll have to cab back from the Maple Leaf at any rate). If you were willing to consider more cabs, this would be much more realistic. Otherwise I don't see how to achieve everything without some pretty major revamping.

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        1. re: uptownlibrarian

          Than you for pointing that out. I failed to consider the possibility this would all be pedestrian locomotion. Despite my once-legendary Mardi Gras Day perambulations of miles and miles and miles (and I held up until just after 50 YOA) the walking tour--if that is what is meant by the OP--wold have left me in bed for a day (at 19 years age).

          Good observation. Much needed.

          1. re: hazelhurst

            Excellent observation! Thank you! I am going to map out the places that I'd like to go/must go, and then reorganize based on proximity!

            Thank you :)

            Anyone have Doris experiences?

        2. Re thinking Saturday. We have dinner reservations at Peche, but wondering if instead dinner at Maruepas Foods and then bar hopping along Frenchmen wouldn`t be a better pace.

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          1. re: sufficientlybuttered

            i enjoy the food more at Peche. the fish and broths are robust w/o being heavy, and there are many crowdpleasers in the small plates. Maurepas has a more limited menu, and while some specials are hits a lot of the usual dont do it for me.