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Sep 25, 2003 10:11 AM

Toqué, La Chronique or Cube? Taking chefs to dine.

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I'll be travelling into Montréal at the end of October with a small group of chefs and culinary professionals. We have one free night to dine...I've experienced La Chronique and Toqué in the recent past and I actually preferred Chronique. Never been to Cube. From these or any other solid hotspot suggestions, I need to make a reservation. All comments from my Montréal chowhound colleagues are welcome.

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  1. Try Anise on Laurier.
    You will be very pleasently surprised.

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    1. re: Robert

      I might add: Very Very Very pleasently surprised!
      Their homemade bread, their Suites of Small Delicacies.
      I don't know of any other restaurant that makes this kind of delicate tasting menus in Montreal or anywhere else.

    2. Gnome, if these guys are chefs and food pros they probably also want something other than just cuisine which they deal with all the time.

      try taking them to Premiere Moisson for a nice side trip and they will love the quality pastries and deli
      specialties offered there. the one on Mont Royal East
      just a block or so east of the Metro is good. someone else mentioned another one closer to downtown also that
      is nicely put together

      or, in Old Montreal, Olive et Gourmando is another place the other chowhounders and Montrealers really seem to like. (havent been there yet myself)

      there's a cool coffee bar in Old Montreal also, Java U, that is good. it's a local chain, but this one is in an old gothic, stone/cement building which gives it a certain flavor.