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Apr 11, 2014 09:41 AM

Seeking Irish Pub near Hackensack

I'm meeting up for lunch with an old friend who lives down south and who would like to go to an Irish Bar or Tavern, just not one of those ubiquitous Sports bars. Are there any you recommend within a 15 minute drive from Hackensack?

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  1. Right in Hackensack -- you've got Harley's, Lazy Lanigan's, and Poitin Still.

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      I ate at Harley's once a few years ago, and it was decent enough, as I remember, and certainly the location is convenient from anywhere in Hackensack. I also ate at another Irish Bar not far away--- not sure, at this point, what the name of it was, but it was a big yellow building. Again, not bad, but not spectacular either. My go-to place in the area is the Blarney Station Pub, which is a few minutes away at 258 Park Ave., East Rutherford, right near the train tracks. It has a bar, and a dining area off to the side. I haven't been to drink at the bar, but the food is usually pretty good, usually pretty plentiful, and reasonably priced. Last ate there a few weeks ago to get my yearly "fix" of corned beef and cabbage.

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        Of those 3, is one better than the others?

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          I haven't been to Harley's in a few years and last time I was there it was just for a quick drink to meet a friend and then go someplace else. I would say Harley's is closer to a "shot and beer" kind of place, more of a drinking crowd, a "real bar" kind of place. Yes, they serve food, but I've never eaten there.

          I haven't been to Lazy Lanigan's in several years and can't really say anything about it. Poitin Still is "newer" -- a bit more of a pub-grub, hanging out, kind of place. I would say it's a good step up and "nicer" than Harley's.

          I've been to Blarney Station, and I don't know how fast you drive, but in my opinion it's much closer to 15 minutes than a few minutes away. Actually, I don't think I can make it in 15 minutes.

          If I had to pick one -- I'd pick Poitin Still. More to offer, nicer place. You can check out Lazy Lanigan's though because it's right down the street.

      2. My go to Irish pubs are the cottage in Teaneck and Blackjack Mulligans in Garfield.

        1. General Pours Tavern is another option right on Main st in Hackensack. Very serviceable pub grub. Pointin Still too pricey for bar food imo.

          1. The Harp & Bard in Clifton is no more than 15 minutes from Hackensack, (depending on where you are in Hackensack)

            It's one of the more authentic Irish bars around in that it just doesn't have an Irish name. They have pretty good Irish bands there.