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Apr 11, 2014 08:55 AM

Saturday Lunch near Pgh Airport

My wife and I will be driving to Pittsburgh tomorrow from Philly (we are staying at the Pgh. Airport Marriott). We should arrive at the hotel by early afternoon. Need suggestions for lunch nearby. Have dinner reservations at Sonoma Grille Saturday nite.

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  1. If your looking for a good beer and decent pub grub the Bocktown is pretty good. Burgatory is in the same area and is a make your own burgers and alcoholic milkshakes, will probably be a long wait so you may be to much to eat if your are going to a early dinner.

    1. Thanks for the Bocktown suggestion. The menu looks good. We will be heading down near McDonald, PA after lunch and I thought there would be a better variety of restaurants near the airport than further south nean McDonald.

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        Both Bocktown and Burgatory are about 2 miles from the Marriott and not out of the way to McDonald.
        There is a Don Jose mexican nearby, Ditka's. Papaya Asian and all the big name chains in that area.

      2. I like Armstrongs which is not too far from where you are staying. I also like Clarks which is also very close, although maybe not real easy to find without a gps, as it's located in an office complex, not in full sight on a main road.

        1. Thank you all for these great suggestions. It turned out that we were running late and skipped lunch but had an absolutely excellent dinner at Sonoma Grille that evening.