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Apr 11, 2014 08:45 AM

Any chow-worthy places to watch a baseball West Seattle?

As the season gets started finding a place to watch a game isn't hard, but are there any that serve better than average food and drinks? I'm open to anything and wiling to expand the range a bit. Doesn't have to be a "sports bar" but I also don't want to have to ask to have the one tiny TV turned to baseball from golf...

Cheers and go M's!

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    1. Fresh Bistro might be a good fit. We watched a couple Seahawks games there this past season and were the only ones there. (1 TV to person ratio including the bartender!)

      We've had some off nights there, but overall, their menu is different from what you might expect at your standard sports bar and the pork belly slider is perfection.

      Shadowland would be a similar rec. Lots of TVs in their bar and their happy hour menu is quite good. We stay away from the fried chicken with Ma'Ono just across the street, but have enjoyed the burger, pork lettuce boats and I've developed a craving for their fried green beans.

      Have not been to the new The Bridge yet, but if menu is the same, there was a wide selection of tasty burgers with good ingredients.

      Redline WS is a sports bar across from where The Bridge was on Avalon but I have not had a chance to try their kitchen yet.