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Adventurous Eating Around Theater District?

My friend and I both love trying new places and new things. Anything good you can recommend around the Public Gardens/Theater District area? We have to to wander as far as the South End. Looking for good food at any price. Hopefully something new for our tastebuds as well. She's allergic to shellfish so we can write those places off. Want a nice sit down dinner. No over crowded bars please. Any suggestions?

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    1. How about some Japanese Hot Pot at Kaze?

      1. Or Chinese Hot Pot at Q?

        1. If you wander as far as Shawmut Ave in the SE, try:

          1. The Whisk boys have set up at Wink n Nod on Appleton St.

            1. Shojo for sure, for many neat takes on Asian fusion, and Erbaluce for Piedmontese food from a highly regarded creative chef.

              1. not sure what you are saying about the south end but what about addis red sea and teranga?

                1. For a marvelous wine list and quite good food Troquet would be my choice. Bistro du Midi is in the general geographic range as well.

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                    both have excellent wine programs but is that food really adventurous?

                  2. Thanks all. We ended up at Shojo and it was pretty great.

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                        They had a salmon poke thing and some kind of duck roll thing that was really good. We had a bunch of tiny plates and charcuteries.