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Lunch near Boston Harbor Hotel?

Anything great,? Prefer seafood, but open to anything.

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  1. If you're in the mood for pizza or pasta, Pasta Beach is actually in the Boston Harbor Hotel and is very good. Ignore the goofy name.

    1. If you are up for a short walk, Chinatown if very close. Walk left on to the Greenway until you reach a bamboo garden. That is the door to Chinatown. There are great live tank seafood places, but solo dining is limiting.


      Peach Farm (Tyler Street)
      East Ocean City (Beach Street)

      My favorites for solo dining

      Taiwan Cafe (Oxford Street)
      China King (Corner of Beach and Oxford)
      Xinh Xinh (vietnamese food on Beach)
      Great Taste Bakery (Beach)

      Or, you can walk the other direction on the Greenway and head to the North End. Neptune Oyster (Salem Street) is excellent but if you aren't there at opening, it can be a bit of a wait. But, they will take your number and call you when a spot opens.

      1. Row 34 at 383 Congress St, is a half a mile walk from the Boston Harbor Hotel.


        1. I have had several very nice lunches at the Sea Grille in the Boston Harbor Hotel. It's a nice room with a great view, excellent service and very nice selection of seafood choices. If you are not opposed to dining in a hotel it would be a good choice

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                  Yes! And comes highly recommended.

              1. Off peak times at Neptune Oyster about 10-15 minutes away on Salem St in the North End would qualify as a great lunch for me.

                Row 34 is another great seafood option, and I have also enjoyed Blue Dragon (both are about 10 minutes away walking) and there is seafood there but it's more generally Asian tapas.

                1. Thanks so much for all of your very timely suggestions, many and varied. I actually posted this question for a friend, not myself (currently becalmed in the Midwest). Next time I'm in Boston, though, I've got a long list to work from, thanks to you.

                  1. will add sam's. very small dining room but lots of deck dining with a spectacular view. solid food, thoughtful, well-priced wine list and owned and run by the fabulous esti parsons.

                    1. Two minutes from the hotel is Hook Lobster. Just a few picnic tables outside, great lobster roll, chowder and lobster bisque.

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                        Good recommendation - just be sure to request a filled to order lobster roll vs. the premade ones in the case - they are plenty fresh, but I don't like cold white bread, personally.

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                          FYI, you can request a toasted bun at J Hook now.

                      2. Also, If you are staying there or just visiting, ask the concierge or one of the doormen. There are so many places within a 10 minute walk.