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Apr 11, 2014 01:57 AM

Spanish olive oil

Recs on where in Madrid to purchase olive oil for shipment home to USA?
Thanks in advance.

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  1. heck excellent olive oil can be found reasonably in the US, go for the saffron and unusual sherries. maybe extra good canned items that are only found on the 'novelty' shelf back home like anchovies, capers and snails (doesn't answer your question, but those would be my priorities over oil)

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    1. re: hill food

      Thnx. Good advice.
      Ive got the saffron, pimenton & anchovies. Perhaos i will forget the olive oil.

      1. re: dragonfly

        I'm not trying to talk you out of the oil, as you can get interesting small-batch bottles there you'll struggle to find in the US (and I checked it in my luggage, I always pulled multiple layers of my dirty socks over bottles of that and wine when packing my luggage - hey it washes off!)

        1. re: hill food

          Appreciate your opinion and agree.

          Overall, I prefer spanish olive oils more than i do italian, California, french, greek etc. They seem to be in the minority as a percentage of most stores inventory so I thought whike here.

          1. re: dragonfly

            If you can't find Spanish olive oil in New York City . . . .

            I can find any number of types here in California, so I'm pretty sure you'd have no problem finding some in New York.

            1. re: zin1953

              That goes double for pimentón. If I can find it easily in Montreal, it can't be that hard to find in NYC.

              I would probably focus more on stuff that is either unavailable or sold at a premium on this side of the pond. Things like high quality canned fish and seafood, saffron from La Mancha, fabas from Asturias...

              Of course, small batch olive oils are a good idea as well as my favourite impossible to find item - Fondillón.

            2. re: dragonfly

              I agree..I stock up on loads of Trader Joe's Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It's actually pretty close to the ones we get in Spain.

        2. re: hill food

          I agree on the saffron. We bought a small plastic 'case' of wound saffron threads at the market. It was excellent quality for our paella days.

        3. I would not pay to ship it hone; if you can carry, fine. There are so many other items that are more difficult to find back home. For example, many of the canned exotic seafoods--aisle after aisle of these in supermarkets. Make sure you get all three varieties of pimenton. Dried beans, good rice, canned Piquillo peppers, membrillo--I often buy those, plus other things...

          If I do buy oil, I go to either El Corte Ingles (high prices but convenient) or the wonderfull olive oil shop run by the Patrimonio Comunal Olivarero, in Chueca; nothing but olive oils from Spain. I doubt if they ship and you may not find English-speaking staff, but it is worth a look even if you do not buy. MAny oils come in metal cans for easier transport.

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          1. re: erica

            I didn't realize there were 3 varieties of pimenton. I picked up the La Chinata brand dulce and picante. Which am I missing?

            1. re: dragonfly

              Agridulce, to me it's the least interesting type, and I would probably take a pass on it.

              1. re: SnackHappy

                And the pimenton from Murcia, which is not smoked, might also be on your list. La Odalisca puts this in cans (see lower right of photo, below) that I keep even after using the pepper:


                The company makes other brands, which also come in pretty containers, but are less commonly found, I think.

              2. re: dragonfly

                Pimentón ahumado, or smoked pimentón

                I enjoy using it in my Paella, but our friends here from Spain state that Dulce is the traditional.

                There is a good selection of Spanish Olive oils with a number of suppliers in North America, La Española being one in California. When visiting California, we go there on Saturdays for wine and company, as there is a good crowd there from Spain to enjoy Paella, and do a little shopping.

                A helpful link:


              3. re: erica

                "pimenton, canned Piquillo peppers, membrillo"

                oh yes.