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Apr 10, 2014 11:26 PM

Stops along the 405 West LA to Irvine

I just started a new job that has me going from West LA down the 405 to the 22 then to Irvine near the 5. Anything right off the freeway worth stopping for? I'm looking for < $10 and I'm willing to try any cuisine but my favorites are Mexican/Chinese/Vietnamese.

Also, any Indian? This area is entirely new to me and I'm very excited to explore and will report back!

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  1. "Also, any Indian?"

    Both Al-Noor and Al Watan are just off the 405 Freeway, a little south of LAX, in very close proximity to each other (maybe one mile apart?) on Inglewood Ave. in Lawdale serving Indian/Pakistani style "halal" food.

    If you don't mind a jog onto the 105 Freeway on your drive to and from Irvine then Coni' Seafood, a place that features seafood from Nayarit and Sinaloa Mexico, is an absolute MUST try. You should read this review by one of the LA board regulars, Mr. Taster, to both whet your appetite and find out which dishes are high on the "stellar" taste curve

    For location and photos of Coni' Seafood check out Yelp here

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      Coni times a 100. Place is amazing. Aguachiles are perfect.

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        Al Noor is highly recommended and don't miss their garlic Naan.

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          Coni' Seafood has been on my list for a loooooong time, just never had a reason to make it out there! Thanks for the headsup, now I have an excuse to go yay.

        2. Stops along the 405 West LA to Irvine

          Yes, you will.

          Over and over again.

          1. At the Jeffrey exit of the 5, right off the freeway at Jeffrey and Walnut are 2 shopping centers on each side of Walnut for all kinds of Chinese restaurants as well as a 99 Ranch Market. I like S.W. Seafood for Cantonese and 101 Noodle Express for Northern Chinese.

            1. Good neighborhood Vietnamese at Saigon Dish in Lawndale right off the 405, truly the kind of place were the owner knows everyone's name even if you've only been there once.

              1. Brodards in Garden Grove.