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Apr 10, 2014 09:41 PM

Restaurant for Easter brunch lower FFC? Cobb's Mill?

From Greenwich to Westport/Wilton, American fare or old-fashioned New Englandly places? Cobb's Mill Inn? I was also told that there used to be a lot of restaurants like Cobb's Mill (as far as setting is concerned) but they've all closed down? It can be a set menu, hotel dining? I've tried the Greenwich Hyatt brunch (liked it a lot), Long Ridge Tavern brunch (meh), Red Barn (meh but better than I thought).

I'm concerend about last minute reservations because I don't know how many people there will be in my party. It could possibly be 10-17 people or possibly 2 (just me and bf).

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  1. I would at least call the Hyatt....they frequently have availability for the later seating, good luck.
    We always make a reservation for Christmas day 4:00pm and it is almost always half empty by that time, empty enough that I would think they could accommodate a walk in. I'm not sure what it is like on Easter but I would call to ask.