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Apr 10, 2014 07:58 PM

Fish monger porn

"How to Fillet Halibut - a Fishmonger's Tutorial"

So she can get access to the rib cage...the white side is up...notice the angle of the knife...Working that pole! Making it RAIN up in here.

I need a cigarette.

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  1. LOL, it didn't quite have that effect on me but interesting and excellent technique. I found myself wondering what happens to all the trimmings...

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    1. Nice careful technique with a 25 lb. fish! Minimal waste.

      1. Never seen someone do the whole side. Always cut on the lateral line.

        I like the tip about leaving a little knub of meat on the tail end to hold on to when skinning. Ill use that one.

        We cut on the tail but it has nothing to do with checking the meat is for bleeding the fish for a better quality meat.