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Is there a fix for my chicken soup - it tastes sour

After making chicken soup for years my current batch tastes off - it seems sour to me. Does any one have a fix for this or should I just make a fresh batch?

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    1. Make a fresh batch.

      It's only chicken and water.

      יהוה will be cool with it.

      1. Haven't had this particular problem but it seems to me that "sour" results from too much acid. Try neutralizing the acid with a pinch of baking soda or something alkaline. Since this is experimental, try it on a small sample first before risking the entire batch. Good luck!

        1. My experience with sour chicken soup was left warm covered overnight, I wasn't the cook but I thought it was spoiled

          1. make a fresh batch. when in doubt, throw it out.

            1. Just too risky to serve it. There's nothing in chicken soup that's inherently sour, so one of the ingredients must have bee bad.

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                I agree . It is not worth it if someone gets sick.

              2. When in doubt, throw it out.

                1. Did you put it in the fridge before it cooled down? Some claim that putting in to soon into the fridge can cause the soup to sour.

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                    yes, i put it in the fridge before it cooled down. it was a very large pot so it would have taken hours to cool down.

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                      Be aware that doing that risks bacteria growth. Here is a home cooking discussion on it.


                      And some other tips online:


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                        Thanks for these great links. I often make clam chowder in large (3-4 gallon) batches as well as rendering bushels of tomatoes in the fall. I guess I've been lucky that in all these years of doing so, I've only had one batch turn on me. Now that I know the proper procedure, I'll definitely be dragging out my wort chiller and looking into one of those cooling paddles.

                  2. Is it possible you're storing it in plastic containers that have become contaminated? Because that happened to me a couple of years ago. Cooked a great soup, poured it into two old Tupperwares to store it, and it went bad. We eventually deduced that it could only be the containers. Made a fresh soup and learned the lesson: don't save plastic containers for too long.
                    But even if it's not from the container, I would say toss this batch. There's nothing in there that's sour, so if it tastes sour, something's not right.