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Apr 10, 2014 06:48 PM

Dunkin D coffee at home

I love Dunkin Donuts coffee at the Dunkin Donut restaurant, but for years, my efforts to replicate it at home have come up short. I grind my own beans, try different proportions of water, and I get a cup of coffee that is quite good, but not "as good" as at the shop. So instead of just being mildly disappointed with each cup, I've chucked my loyalty and decided other brands are just "as good" if that's all I can expect anyway. I have an ordinary Mr. Coffee drip coffee maker.
To my Chowhound friends and coffee lovers: Is there anything I can do to get closer-closer-closer to DD perfect coffee at home?
(P.S. I have followed some great coffee-themed Chowhound threads for years, and posted my enjoyment of DD and my comments on other brands. Thanks to all for helping me this time around with my search for the perfect Dunkin Donuts cup of coffee!!!)

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  1. Are you buying the coffee From Dunkins? The stuff at grocery stores is not the same. The other thing is you need light cream, which is not available everywhere. I found the fat content online then mix my own to better replicate the flavor

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      I do take cream in my coffee and I hadn't thought of that as a variable. I like Evaporated Milk as my creamer and that might very well change the taste I'm looking for. Yes, I do buy the beans from the DD store when there is a "good sale," but never at the supermarket. And that's another tale for another day- the price of DD at the grocery store is really terrible. Thanks for the creative tip, Lisa!!

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        If you order cream and sugar in your coffee its very likely they just use much much more of both than you would ever add yourself at home....

    2. Dunkin' Donuts now sells their own brand of creamer at the grocery store. Maybe that will add that special something you are missing.

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        The creamer is good, but it's not quite the same

      2. First, I follow the recommended measurement directions on the bag. Next, I brew with a French Press, works for me.

        1. Can you check the temp of the water coming out of the head? If it's down in the 180's, this could the difference. Honest!

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            I took your tip and took a meat thermomer, gauging the temperature as the water is going into the basket. You were right about the temp, grampart- the water coming out was in the low 180's. A tip on-line said to run the water through twice: First without the coffee, and then run the water through a second time to get the temperature higher. So, tonight's second run (no coffee til tomorrow morning) was up around the high 190s- where it is recommended to be.
            I will add a step to my brewing process and get a better temperature going.
            Thank you for the great information.

          2. I like the taste of DD coffee instore, but would prefer it brewed stronger. I have them grind it on espresso, then use more of it for regular drip coffee, since more flavor is extracted with a finer grind.

            It's also worth giving your Mr. Coffee a good cleaning - run a cycle with white vinegar, then several times plain water until there's no vinegar smell. I'd also invest in a bottle of spring water. That's another variable.

            I have to have decaf now, and have switched to Trader Joe's medium roast decaf beans, which I grind myself. It's at least as good as DD, maybe better.

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            1. re: greygarious

              We do the vinegar thing quite often, as habit. We use filtered, not necessarily Spring water. Maybe worth trying. Thanks!