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Apr 10, 2014 05:05 PM

Seeking help for removing oven light bulb cover

I don't know if this is the right place to ask the question, but we've tried DYI forums, Home Depot, Lowes, etc. and no one has been able to help us get the $%! cover off our burned out oven light bulb. Should be a 2 minute operation at most, but we can't get that cover off. It's in an awkward spot and oil filter wrenches (suggested by others) can't be maneuvered properly.

It's not a matter of being stuck because of grease/dirt. It's just too tight.

I'll try to post a picture if needed, but has anyone dealt with this problem?

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  1. Is the cover held on by a wire bail? That's how mine is, and it took me forever to figure out that you have to squeeze the wire from both ends. It hooks into a hole the way hooks set into those boards whose name escapes me now - the press board panels with holes all over them that you hang tools on in your workshop or garage.

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      No, no wire bail. It's a glass cover that's supposed to turn counter clockwise. Too tight for my husband to budge by hand, and he hasn't been able to get anything else to grasp and turn it.

    2. Two thoughts:
      Spray with lubricant around the glass cover using the type that has a tube that aims the spray. Let it sit for a while.
      Run the self clean cycle and see if that clears up any stuff in the threads that is making it stick shut.

      1. are you sure there are no screws that need to be removed first?

        1. If a replacement cover is available, you may just have to break it. I know that sounds harsh, but breaking it intentionally is far safer than breaking it accidentally.

          (Pictures might help, too.)

          1. Have you tried the tips from comments on this youtube video?

            Wearing a rubber/vinyl glove, pushing in against the cover, and twisting hard counterclockwise seems to work.