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You bought your first Le Creuset pot...

... it's 90 degrees outside, and you're trying to eat healthy and keep carbs to a minimum for health reasons.

What is the first thing you'd cook to break in your new pot?

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  1. Simmer up some chick peas for a big batch of hummus and the others can play their part in a grain salad. Warm cooking, cool eating!

    Otherwise, braise up a chuck roast with some beef stock, rubbed with italian herbs for Italian beef sandwiches. The extras freeze amazingly well too .

    And enjoy the new Le Creuset, it will be a joy for years to come.

    1. poach a chicken with lemon and herbs for a cold chicken salad

      vichyssoise (too carby?)


      curried creamy cauliflower soup-good hot or cold

      1. Pork Country ribs and a mess o greens..Just brown the seasoned ribs in a bit of oil and throw in as many greens(collards, mustard, dandelion etc) as you can fit. No liquid is needed as the greens release a lot of moisture. Simmer for a couple of hours.

        1. Beans. They provide protein and complex carbs. Plus you can cook a whole batch and freeze the rest so you only have 1 hot cooking day.

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            I was thinking this too, especially about the "only 1 hot cooking day" part. The 90 degrees outside thing is kind of throwing me to be honest - I love my dutch ovens and cook in them all the time but not so much in that kind of heat.

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              Yeah it was the temp that got me. I immediately thought SHORT RIBS! then thought about turning on my oven for hours in 90 degree heat and then eating a steaming hot meal… ugh

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                Yeah, you definitely want a stovetop meal. Deep fry or stovetop braise?

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                  I think a good cold soup you do with a hand blender. No need to turn on the stove at all!

            1. You might want to repost this in special diets if you really want to get low-carb answers.

              Personally, I love my biggest Le Creuset for deep frying. Buffalo wings! It's also great for braising - short ribs, pork shoulder? I use it as a stockpot sometimes too, so if you have any meat parts or veg trimmings hanging around, now is the time.

                1. Dorie Greenspan's Chicken in a Pot from "Around My French Table". It is the one on the cover of the book. You seal the pot with dough. Someone on this website recommended to substitute cheap pizza dough. It is a dish that requires a Dutch oven. Below is a link to the recipe.


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                    Sounds wonderful! But would you make it in 90 degree heat?

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                      No, but I don't have a new Dutch Oven that I want to try out ...

                      I've made all kinds of out-of-season things when I wanted to try new equipment out.

                  2. Puffed quinoa!! I just got my replacement stockpot from the awesome people at le cruset and the puffed quinoa is super fast-like less than five minutes! A little bit adds great texture to yogurt or salads and lower carb since a half serving is all you need.

                      1. Oooh, I have a good one! Salmon Florentine--you fill it up part way with fresh spinach, put seasoned salmon fillets on the spinach, cover with thinly sliced lemons and garlic, then cover with more spinach, and top with really thick sliced tomatoes, seasoned with salt and pepper. The lid goes on, the pot goes into a 450 degree oven until the salmon is cooked. Yum, and the only carbs are the veggies.

                        1. That's definitely a pot for winter dishes, I don't use mine at all in summer but in my house we don't use the stove in summer due to lack of AC.
                          But oxtail stew is probably my favorite use of it. Rabbit stew a close second. Both are great over something starchy but you can skip that to keep it low carb.
                          We don't eat carbs much either but saucy dishes just need rice or noodles, IMO

                          1. Ratatouille or caponata. There are carbohydrates, but from vegetables. Bonus is that they are great leftover without heating!

                            1. Does you grill have a burner? I would make BBQ baked beans and keep that heat outside

                              inside - poach chicken (whole or parts) in lemon white wine and herbs
                              it wont make that much heat as most of the poaching is done off-flame after it comes to simmer and makes good use of the heat retention properties of the iron-

                              cool chicken and use in refreshing salad

                              or just use it as an ice bucket/wine chiller til winter rolls around ;)

                              1. Stovetop braised chicken with lemon and tarragon.

                                Stovetop braised green pork chili.

                                Curried lentils.

                                1. Excellent topic though it is kind of creepy. I just got a lodge 6qt pot and it hit 90 outside yesterday.

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                                      Maybe one of those posts intended to transcend 400 replies?

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                                      Why is my topic creepy? Ironic for you perhaps, but creepy?

                                    3. That's why I'm torn - it's hot, so I don't want to run the oven for a long period of time, but I still want to use my pot. :)

                                      I finally decided to take it easy and make chicken curry for dinner tonight. Stove top, so I won't be heating the whole kitchen up. I think I'll have to save all the short rib/braising/slow cooking ideas for a rainy day!

                                      Thanks everyone!