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Sep 22, 2003 12:42 PM

Delicious Food, cool environment

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10 of us are coming from NYC to Montreal on the weekend of October 2nd to celebrate the 30th birthday of our good friend. As she is a real foodie, we wanted a place that would be perfect. An evening of cocktails, followed by delicious food and dessert. I went to a place I think it was called Cafeteria. It had a nice atmosphere but the food was just all right. Can anyone help?

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  1. As posted below, we had a nice meal at Cube in the Hotel St. Paul two Sundays ago. It's got a small bar, cool looking space, pretty inventive meals and very nice service. Entrees are $22-32. Verses down the street (St. Paul) also has a nice bar and nice looking room. I get the impression that places on St. Laurent (where Cafeteria is) may be slightly looked down upon by the locals as too trendy or something. The function person at the St. Paul heartily recommended L'Express on St. Denis which we'll try that same weekend you're there.


    1. Cafeteria is overrun with 16 year olds out drinking with daddy's visa card - Stear clear.

      I had another winner meal at Rosalie on the weekend. Can't find the website right now, but scroll down, I've posted it before.

      1. I would suggest Globe at 3455 St. Laurent.I was there over Labor Day weekend and it may be just what you are looking for. Very cool, hip trendy place. A little crowded but the atmosphere was perfect for us - we are both 31. Also the food was outstanding. I had squash soup and the steak while my boyfriend had the duck. HUGE portions. We were so full we had to skip dessert- which we never do. Good wine list. While we were there there were 2 tables of 10 plus so I know they can service large parties.Service was excellent.

        As a side note: The waitresses must be models, they are all tall, skinny and gorgeous.

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