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Apr 10, 2014 03:36 PM

Have you ever lost your cooking Mojo?

You know those days where you can't seem to get anything right in the kitchen. Where dishes you have made before turn out only so so, or worse yet you have an epic fail while attempting a new dish. Sometimes it can be blamed on the recipe, but many times I feel like it is just a loss of kitchen mojo so to speak.

It doesn't happen all that often, but when it does it seems to last a few days and then I get back into my groove. Is this a common experience for others. I am starting to think those low kitchen mojo days might be good take out/dine out days ha ha.

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  1. I did once actually.

    I found it later in an antique cabinet for bar tools. My wife had placed it there by accident next to the Mojito mix.

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      I can see this happening. Mojo and mojito are easily confused! At least the mojo wasn't with the missing socks from the washer - then you may never have found it!

    2. I do that occasionally. I find that the mistakes and fails happen most often when I'm rushed or stressed and lose focus. Usually cooking helps keep me grounded, but I think take-out/going out is the answer.

      1. Never ever. I goof on occasion, but unless I've incinerated something, I have always been able to salvage or repurpose the affected food. My confidence and interest in preparing meals is not diminished when results are suboptimal, though that's a fairly rare occurrence. If anything, I have TOO many options for what to cook, since I have a well-supplied pantry.

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          me, too, althought there are still days when I stand in front of the groaning shelves and wonder what the hell I'm going to make today, because I'm tired/stressed and nothing sounds good.

          So I ask the youngun -- what do you want for dinner, kiddo?

          Answer "food".

          (quell urge to throw things)

        2. I haven't been having major cooking issues in the actual execution but I haven't been particularly interested in cooking/baking anything for about a month now.

          I think part of it is the stress in my personal/professional life and part of it is the fact that it has been a very long, cold, and snowy winter here in the Northeast. We are headed to Mexico on Satuday for a week so I hope to return home relaxed, refreshed, and in the mood to make Mexican food at least!

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          1. I don't often have a spectacular disaster (I can remember only a two things that I have had to throw away in maybe the past 5 years or so, and one of those was ingredients gone bad.) However, I pride myself on being very good on seasoning food to my family's tastes. I get frustrated and run into issues with this when my seasonal allergies get bad - like now, when the pollen count is approximately eleventy billion. I rely on smell a lot for seasoning things, because I have a decent amount of food allergies as well, and often can't actually taste the things that I make for the rest of the family.