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Apr 10, 2014 02:51 PM

Legal Crossing?

Has anyone dined at this recent addition to the Legal empire in downtown Boston (558 Washington St)?

How does it compare to other Legal and LTK locations?

Any menu items to seek out? Avoid?


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  1. OK - tried it - it is very similar to other Legal outposts except that everything is black inside and even today there is a massive surplus of air-conditioning - and the servers are as inexperienced as you might expect them to be at a new spot serving lunch downtown.

    The food is pretty much the same as elsewhere for Legal - stick with basic preparations of simple seafood freshly-prepared and served (chowder, raw bar with just barely passable shucking, and lobster roll), - and you won't be disappointed - get international with the ordering (such as Korean Rice Bowl or Polenta Crusted Salmon or "Spicy" Portugese Fish Stew) and you will most likely not be satisfied.

    This does upgrade the options in this specific 'hood (which I consider outside of Chinatown), but that is really faint praise....I will return if in the area and need some simple fish - it will not become a destination.

    1. "I will return if in the area and need some simple fish - it will not become a destination."

      This pretty much describes all of the Legal outposts at least for me. Thanks for reporting back.

      1. Thanks for taking one for the team.

        1. The original comment has been removed