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Apr 10, 2014 01:51 PM

Casual Indian restaurant in London's Wandsworth borough?

Any suggestions for an Indian meal in Wandsworth? Nothing fancy -- we'll have a five-year-old with us. And the more the food tastes like that from the 1960's and 70's, the better. Thanks.

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  1. No suggestions, I'm afraid, as I don't live in London.

    But I'm curious about why you'd be looking for Indian food in the 60/70s style, when this a time when Indian food was generally very poor in the UK. In fact, go back to the 60s and you wouldnt have found many south asian restaurants at all - immigration from that part of the world didnt really take off till the 70s. Based on my experience where I live in the UK, I think you might struggle to find places that are that old-fashioned - even the bog standard high street curry houses have moved on a lot since then.

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      Nostalgia, I suppose. We went to London on our honeymoon in 1968, tried some curries, and loved the flavors. I suppose they were "bog standard high street curries," but appealed to us, nonetheless. Lots of lovely spice combinations, not just heat. The restaurants we remember are all gone now, and we haven't liked their replacements. As for South Indian food, Nepalese, etc., we can get that here in New Jersey -- and often do.

    2. There are lots in Tooting. Just walk along the high Street and you'll be OK. Or there's Akash on Northcote Road, if you're in Battersea. Indian Moment, opposite Akash is a bit more upmarket but no better, in my view.

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        Thanks. I forgot about Tooting. We tried Kastoori there several years ago, and really enjoyed it. The food was strangely wonderful, with a Ugandan influence, but I see that it's now closed. One of our favorites used to be Akash at Leicester Square, although sadly it, too, has closed. Perhaps the Battersea place is the same owner