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Places in Charlotte where you order at the counter

I'm trying to compile a list of restaurants in Charlotte where you order at the counter, and then the food is either brought out to your table or you pick it up at the counter. I prefer this at lunchtime because it can often get me in and out quicker and I don't feel obligated to pay a full 20% tip on top of the meal. And I think we need more of these places in Charlotte, as so many places in town are sit-down-and-order-from-a-server restaurants. Fast food chains and other major national chains do not count. I'm also excluding places that do not have seating in or right by the restaurant (Price's, for example) I'll get the list started, but help me think of (or discover) more:

Viva Chicken
Common Market
Phat Burrito
Just Fresh
Owen's Bagel & Deli
Poppy's Bagels
Adams' 7th Street Market
Every place at the 7th Street market downtown
Metropolitan Cafe
Bang Bang Burger
Roasting Company
J.J.'s Red Hots
Green's Lunch

What else you got?...

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  1. Showmar's
    Brooks' Sandwich Shop (seating is limited to outdoor picnic tables)
    Fuel Pizza
    La Shish Kebob
    Mr. K's

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        From the OP:

        "I'm also excluding places that do not have seating in or right by the restaurant (Price's, for example)"

      2. Brooklyn South Pizza comes to mind. I kind of hate it.

        1. Tijuana Flat, the new place on East (may be a chain?)
          Burger Company
          Zoes Kitchen

          Do buffets count? Bistro La Bon has a new lunch buffet for $10 that looks fantastic.

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            Tijuana Flats and Zoes Kitchen are both national chains.

          2. Sunflour Baking Company on 7th street.

            1. Bang Bang Burgers on 7th street

              1. South Charlotte edition....
                True Craft Pizza
                Tony's Pizza
                Lorenzo's Pizza
                Bagel Bin
                Zeitouni Grill
                Rusty's Deli
                Genaro's Rotisserie & Grill