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Apr 10, 2014 01:38 PM

Anything decent INSIDE Barclay's Center

So I did a search but could only find questions and answers about dining options near Barclay's Center. Has anyone eaten at any of the places inside Barclay's? I'm especially interested if there are any sit down options. I'm also thinking about the 40/40 Club, though I know that it is a buffet.


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  1. 40/40 is buffet, basically a selection of the "best of" from what's in the arena.
    The "Dining" page on the arena's website lists all of the vendors. Most of the places have more limited menus than the full shop, but to save you the time of looking:

    Main Concourse:
    Brooklyn Burger (Sec 03
    )Calexico (Sec 03)
    David's K Deli (Sec 06)
    Fatty 'Cue BBQ (Sec 07)
    Brooklyn Bangers & Dogs (Sec 08)
    Paisano's Butcher Shop (Sec 10)
    L&B Spumoni Gardens (Sec 15)
    WFAN Boomer & Carton Kitchen (Sec 17)
    Buffalo Boss (Sec 22)
    Nathan’s (Sec 24)
    Habana (Sec 25)
    Junior's, Blue Marble & More (Sec 26)
    Fresco's by Scotto (Sec 29)
    Brooklyn Burger (Sec 29)

    Suite level:
    Abigael's Brooklyn (North Side)
    Buffalo Boss (North Side)
    Junior's Restaurant (South Side)
    Calexico (South Side)

    L&B Spumoni Gardens (Sec 206/207)
    Nathan’s (Sec 206/207)
    Habanas (Sec 209/210)
    Brooklyn Burger (Sec 209/210/222/223)
    Fatty 'Cue BBQ (Sec 222/223)
    Brooklyn Bangers & Dogs (Sec 225/226)
    Avlee Greek Kitchen (Sec 225/226)

    Also, Eater did an article about a year ago on a lot of what's available:

    1. It's all better than average "sports stadium" food. I don't know about the sit down buffet.