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Apr 10, 2014 01:29 PM

Dinner in Parsippany area with kids?

I am looking for a dinner spot in the Parsippany area where 4 adults can have dinner with 3 children ages 6 and under. Not looking for expensive or fancy. But not looking for Buffalo Wild Wings either. Ethnic is okay -- as long as there are a few child friendly items on the menu.


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  1. It gets crowded, but Reservoir Tavern is an area classic:

    1. I've been interested in trying this place - right on Main street in Boonton. Are kebabs kid-friendly? hummus? maybe for some, but not others.‎

      1. I second the Reservoir Tavern. Not the greatest food, but OK to good and very good pizza. Also lots of kid appropriate stuff on the menu and you won't be the only ones there with kids.

        There could be a long wait during prime time, but if you call and have your name put on the list before you leave the house that will cut down on the wait. But if you aren't there when your name is called, it's tough cookies. It's a wait list, not reservations.

        Also Harrigans just up the road in Montville is a decent place for families. Again not the greatest food, but definitely edible and you won't get dirty looks for bringing the kiddies