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Apr 10, 2014 01:04 PM

Ham for Easter

Is there anything local and special out there? Has anyone had the Marin Sun Farm's ham? My group is pretty small (4-6 adults, 2 kids), so I am looking for small or half/quarter hams. Thanks!

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  1. Anyone tried Bud's Custom Meats?

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      1. I saw a couple listed on Good Eggs - their website is

        They had three different places listed for Easter ham
        Fallon Hills, Fatted Calf and one from Prather Ranch
        Price ranges from $33 to $75
        I ordered the Fallon Hills Smoked boneless ham to try next week...

        1. belcampo was selling last year - might check them.

          1. MSF ham is mild, sweet, not smoky, not mindblowing but fine

            1. Thanks for all of the suggestions. Ended up getting a Prather Ranch, mostly due to convenience. Will report back.

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                The half ham from Prather Ranch (bought at the Ferry Building) was delicious. Salty and smoky, not too fatty (I like my hams on the drier side). Definitely a big hit.