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Apr 10, 2014 01:02 PM

Group dinner??

I am heading to NOLA in June with a group of 28 people (all first timers to town). We would like to go out to dinner as a group. Any recommendations of places that can accommodate us? I would love Cochon, but they say they cant fit it...



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  1. For that size, Antoine's has always done a good job for banquets. The rex Room would work for that. I have used the Proteus room to great effect for forty years but I think 28 is slightly too big for that. They are good for Rockefeller, Oysters Foch and anything with sauces (medici, marchand du vin etc..I am not as fond of their hollandaise and béarnaise as others but there is nothing wrong with them)

    1. You will need a place with a dedicated room but you are too big for some and too small for many.

      Napoleon House second floor may fit. GW Finns. NOLA third floor. Irish House second floor.

      Those give a wide range of style and cost.

      1. If you want Cochon style food but need a bigger space, try asking about Link's private dining space upstairs?

        1. I wanted to update everyone on what we did. We ended up going to Dooky Chase for the group dinner this past Friday night. They were very accommodating and the food was delicious.