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List some of your fave lunch spots. .

Tender Greens
Fish Market Downtown Oyster Bar
Point Loma Seafoods
Hacienda de Vega...yeah, whatever
Rancho Valencia Resort
Roberto's Taco Shop..Del Mar & Solana Beach
George's Ocean Terrace

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  1. A. R. Valentien on their patio with a cocktail

    1. I love to lunch. Yes, not all swanky places, but curb your hate.

      Grab 'n Go, India Street (Italian Village Special, no peps)
      Sushi Deli (monthly bento box)_
      RK Sushi (Bento box)
      Saigon on ECB (#33 large)
      Pho Pt Loma (#6 large)
      Santanas (yeah mex-something or something-mex now) (Five rolled tacos)

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          I've been trying to shed a few extra lb's. Not easy to do when stuffing CABs.

          Not snubbing Addison, either. But not one of my regular lunch spots.

          1. re: Fake Name

            ' I've been trying to shed a few extra lb's'. None of the places you listed will help with your endeavor. You may need to head out to East County in order to fast.

            I'm off to OB Noodle House to get a fix on my craving for today.

      1. Pho Hoa Linda Vista (pho tai)
        Bale (bun ga nuong)
        Koon Thai (chicken pra ram)
        Mien Trung (bun bo hue)
        Pieology on Balboa
        Luce (Luce burger)
        LW's BBQ (beef brisket sandwich)
        Maritza's (carnitas burrito - Wednesdays)

        These are the ones I end up chowing at most frequently, partly because they're close by. I have a whole long list of other places I love to go to, but I don't get to them as frequently as I do these. I get to those others when I have a specific food mood and try to get to one or two a week. The rest of the time (true confession) I grab grub at one of these.

        1. Ohhhh, now you're talking! Saturday lunch is our "date night". Long and leisurely.
          George's Ocean Terrace
          A.R. Valentien on the patio, under the big tree WITH a cocktail
          JRDN at Tower 23
          Seafood platter for two on the sunny patio at Sheerwater (Hotel Del)
          Eddie V's patio (LJ)
          Sea and Smoke
          Urban Solace at the bar
          Rancho Valencia patio overlooking the croquet field
          C-Level watching the sailboats go by (decent burger)
          Oysters and kimchee crab martini at Pacifica Del Mar
          Cafe Chloe
          Back Terrace at La V
          Craft and Commerce
          Lobster tacos at World Famous
          Steamed clams at The Poseidon
          Chilled seafood platter at Top of the Market
          Candelas Coronado
          Patio at Morada/Inn at Rancho Santa Fe after shopping at Church of Chino's

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            Great list, and most are on my "long list" as well, except for Candelas and Patio at Morada, two places I've never even heard of until now (second true confession of the day).

          2. Meijo in Imperial Beach

            Pho ho Tiep in Chula Vista

            /filet-oFish at the McDonalds with the Filoino crew playing card ganes on Palm. Helloo ipse.

              1. re: Fake Name

                If I lived or worked in Lemon Grove, Coops would definitely one of the restaurants among my Frequent Lunch Bunch too. It's far and away the best BBQ in the SD area (and TY again for pointing that out last year). But alas...it's a long drive out there (from the Bay Park area anyway) for lunch.

                Hmmm...but now it occurs to me, maybe this thread is supposed to be your absolute favorites for lunch, irrespective of how often you go there? BC?

                  1. re: nessy

                    Turkey Cobb kicks some serious ass..

                    I'm Craving one right now!

                    1. re: Beach Chick

                      You're always craving something, BC. I swear you could eat five meals a day and still have cravings! :D

                      1. re: DoctorChow

                        No, not all, she keeping the dialogue here vital and active. Very much of a difference. .

                        1. re: Gypsy Jan


                          Did my remarks sound negative? They weren't meant to be. I was being jocular. I like BC's "cravings" posts.

              2. Tio Chino

                Because it means I'm having a Montezuma Tequila, which means I have the rest of the afternoon off ...

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                  Never heard of the place..did it used to be Tio Carlos in Loma Portal?
                  Asian Mex fusion..sounds good.

                  Rock on Ipsy with the Tequilla.

                2. Wow..some great lunch spots.

                  Antonelli's Deli for one of the best turkey/cheddar on rye evah. .

                  JV's Taco shop when I'm slumming around USD.

                  1. Green Acres (Torrey Pines or Campus Pointe, both are good)
                    Board and Brew
                    Pacifica Breeze Cafe
                    Prep Kitchen (Del Mar)

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                      Board and Brew...Wow, used to go there all the time..great sandwiches and that funky back patio..

                      Gotta get over to Green Acres..Oliver!

                    2. A great bowl of Pho at OB Noodle House.

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                        Love their marketing. .

                        Pho Twenty. .gotta love OB.

                        1. re: Beach Chick

                          Had the crispy fish and Pho with brisket and rare thin beef slices. The fish was succulent with a nice hit of crisp ginger and scallions. The place was jamming!

                          1. re: cstr

                            I can't believe as a true OB'schean being born there that I haven't been but I don't really hang in OB much.

                            The place looks like a lot of fun and I could see myself with all those kids, partying with a large Kirin and eating some tofu Pho.
                            Dang..wish I was there!

                            How's the broth?
                            Love me lots of ginger and scallions too.

                            Jealous, as I had a bean and cheese chimi that was delicious but I can only eat half but that bad boy is good later all jacked up with more super hot salsa, cheddar and some avo slices and a cold Stella.

                      2. Supannee House of Thai
                        Small Bar
                        Kiko’s Place
                        Rudy's Taco Shop
                        Public House La Jolla (weekends)
                        Mariscos Nine Seas

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                        1. re: y6y6y6

                          Interesting list!

                          Hmmm...Small Bar. Been once and had fish & chips -- very good. I've heard that their hamburgers are pretty good too, but have never had one. I need to put this place on my long "return to" list.

                          1. re: ipsedixit

                            Balboa International Market
                            Harvest Taco Shop (kearny mesa)

                          2. Dumpling Inn for the fab tofu/veggie dumplings..pan fried with a big ol' bowl of sambal with hoisin to dip them in..

                            Gualberto's on Kearny Mesa rd next to Denny's off the 163 East side..this taco shop kicks ass on solid Mex and they have a free carrot/jalapeno/onions/lemons/lime bar.

                              1. My daughter and I had a lovely lunch of small plates at The Hake yesterday. Hamachi Tartare, Shaved Rib Eye (came with caramelized onions), Jicama Turnovers, and Ceviche.

                                Cucumber water was refreshing after a day at the Birch Aquarium. We'll definitely keep this in our rotation.

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                                1. re: phee

                                  Thanks for the reminder of this place...sounds fab!

                                  1. re: phee

                                    Everything you ordered sounds delicious! We tried it when it first opened and some raw tuna with a really funky consistency that completely turned me off. Based on your lunch review, I will definitely give it another shot. Thanks phee.

                                    1. re: ipsedixit

                                      What do you like there, ipse? I've been to the one in Monterey Park and wasn't impressed.

                                      1. re: phee

                                        Not much of anything is all that outstanding or worthy of mention.

                                        I like going there and it's a favorite lunch spot (and hence in this thread) because if I am going there it either means a day game at Petco or a day at the beach.

                                        Win win!

                                    2. Our squad has been going to Filipino Food and Bakery lately. 28th and Main.