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Apr 10, 2014 11:49 AM

List some of your fave lunch spots. .

Tender Greens
Fish Market Downtown Oyster Bar
Point Loma Seafoods
Hacienda de Vega...yeah, whatever
Rancho Valencia Resort
Roberto's Taco Shop..Del Mar & Solana Beach
George's Ocean Terrace

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  1. A. R. Valentien on their patio with a cocktail

    1. I love to lunch. Yes, not all swanky places, but curb your hate.

      Grab 'n Go, India Street (Italian Village Special, no peps)
      Sushi Deli (monthly bento box)_
      RK Sushi (Bento box)
      Saigon on ECB (#33 large)
      Pho Pt Loma (#6 large)
      Santanas (yeah mex-something or something-mex now) (Five rolled tacos)

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        1. re: cstr


          I've been trying to shed a few extra lb's. Not easy to do when stuffing CABs.

          Not snubbing Addison, either. But not one of my regular lunch spots.

          1. re: Fake Name

            ' I've been trying to shed a few extra lb's'. None of the places you listed will help with your endeavor. You may need to head out to East County in order to fast.

            I'm off to OB Noodle House to get a fix on my craving for today.

      1. Pho Hoa Linda Vista (pho tai)
        Bale (bun ga nuong)
        Koon Thai (chicken pra ram)
        Mien Trung (bun bo hue)
        Pieology on Balboa
        Luce (Luce burger)
        LW's BBQ (beef brisket sandwich)
        Maritza's (carnitas burrito - Wednesdays)

        These are the ones I end up chowing at most frequently, partly because they're close by. I have a whole long list of other places I love to go to, but I don't get to them as frequently as I do these. I get to those others when I have a specific food mood and try to get to one or two a week. The rest of the time (true confession) I grab grub at one of these.

        1. Ohhhh, now you're talking! Saturday lunch is our "date night". Long and leisurely.
          George's Ocean Terrace
          A.R. Valentien on the patio, under the big tree WITH a cocktail
          JRDN at Tower 23
          Seafood platter for two on the sunny patio at Sheerwater (Hotel Del)
          Eddie V's patio (LJ)
          Sea and Smoke
          Urban Solace at the bar
          Rancho Valencia patio overlooking the croquet field
          C-Level watching the sailboats go by (decent burger)
          Oysters and kimchee crab martini at Pacifica Del Mar
          Cafe Chloe
          Back Terrace at La V
          Craft and Commerce
          Lobster tacos at World Famous
          Steamed clams at The Poseidon
          Chilled seafood platter at Top of the Market
          Candelas Coronado
          Patio at Morada/Inn at Rancho Santa Fe after shopping at Church of Chino's

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          1. re: foodiechick

            Great list, and most are on my "long list" as well, except for Candelas and Patio at Morada, two places I've never even heard of until now (second true confession of the day).

          2. Meijo in Imperial Beach

            Pho ho Tiep in Chula Vista

            /filet-oFish at the McDonalds with the Filoino crew playing card ganes on Palm. Helloo ipse.