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Apr 10, 2014 11:06 AM

Veal Stock

I find myself needing veal stock every now and then. But not often enough to make it lately. I haven't been making stock and portioning freezer-ready containers in over ten years. Where can I buy prepared veal stock? Or now that I'm getting back into cooking, where can I procure veal bones? Been using Better than Bouillon Beef stock base.

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  1. You can find veal shanks at central market or HEB at 360 & 2244. They have little meat on them but HEB's are a little less expensive. I use them for pasta fagioli.

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    1. re: crippstom

      Thanks for the reply, crippstom. Do you know if they are sold at "meat price" or "bone price?"

      My HEB at 2222/Burnet only has veal shipped in in those prefab packages. They are not doing the cutting, so no leftovers.

      1. re: rudeboy

        They range from about $8-10 a lb. CM has them fresh but HEB has the packaged.

        1. re: crippstom

          Thanks for the info!
          If one is looking to get a fair amount of meat off the bone for one dinner, then use the bones for stock, that might be okay. Maybe my more relevant question would be" where can I find a butcher for affordable stock bones?"

    2. Not an Austin rec, but I often use Knorr's Homestyle Stock.

      I think it is better than BtB or Minors. Not as salty, and has some body. One container with water equal 3.5 cups of stock. I don't dilute, just add a 1/4 t per serving. If I making 4 servings of steak tips with mushroom sauce, I add ~1t, container might be 3-4T. 4 containers in a pack, I don't contaminate the container, and it lasts for months in the fridge.

      In my grocery stores, they sell frozen demi glac, might cost ~$10 for 8 oz.