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Apr 10, 2014 10:42 AM

Nosherie opening on West Georgia and Seymour

Does anyone have any details on this place - who is behind it, when is it opening? Looks very well decorated, That space has been empty forever. A Craigslist add for staff says they will have sandwiches, soup, salad and coffee.

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  1. The menu made it look like it would be similar to Meat & Bread. Only a few items on the menu including 2 kinds of sandwiches. A beautiful hip place with friendly and good looking servers, but the food was not good enough! If one would argue they were just brand new and they needed to test out different lunch items to find the winning ones. But seriously if you did not have a winner recipe and a great execution plan, it was super hard to survive in the competitive Vancouver food scene.

    1. Had lunch here today - the beef sandwich. Yummy but could use a few potato chips or something on the side - not a great value at $9.75 for a rather small sandwich otherwise. Soup and salad selections look promising.

      1. Enjoyed 3 delicious salads from the Nosherie today - baby kale with apricots and walnuts, roasted beets and feta as well as quinoa and peppers! Three good sized scoops filled me up with homemade goodness all for $9.
        Also got a healthy granola bar filled with cranberries, pumpkin, sunflower and sesame seeds for later.

        Can't wait to go back another day to try the massaged kale caesar salad or one of the delicious sounding soups!

        1. My friends and I went here the other day and thought we could possibly make it our new place to hang out. I have tried coming to this place a few times to give it a change seeing how it just opened; but every time I go I quickly want to get out of there. The food for the most part is okay but totally over priced! Every now and then they add a new thing to the menu so I'm not sure if its always going to change or if they are still trying to figure things out. You would think they would have the full menu up and running before opening; could it be another wanna be restaurant owner having no idea what they are doing? As for the staff, i find then loud and annoying. They scream the orders out when they are ready and it makes me jump every time. Not a very friendly feeling to this place. another time i went there this female staff member who scoops salads seems like she has no idea what she is doing, she always seems stressed out over lunch time i don't know why your scooping salad maybe you need an easier job also button up your shirt no one wants to see your bra, we are not at the beach we are down town in the professional part of town. Needless to say there are way better places that have their shit together and nicer ,professional staff. Until the menu and staff are sorted out I will not be returning here nor will I recommend this place to anyone.