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Sep 16, 2003 10:37 AM

Great meal at Cube

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My friend had to finalize plans for her party at the St. Paul, so we ate dinner there to check out the menu and had a great time. The tuna three ways (or was it two?) was quite nice, a light appetizer heavy on the presentation. She had the goat cheese w/ tomato and that was delicious, goat cheese was mild and nice. I had amazing huge scallops wrapped in prosciutto w/ little disks of potato and thin green beans. She had the sirloin that came with a side of almost pot roast like stuff. Can't remember the menu description but that's what it tasted like. the meat was done perfectly but don't remember her sides. We split a dessert that had espresso semi freddo, a rich dark chocolate mousse type thing and a chocolate cake w/ ice cream. The waiter recommended great wines and we had good service all around. The room is modern but comfortable, fairly busy for a Sun. nite. They kind of overdo things done two ways, or three ways on the menu but it was good if you want to spend $24-32 for entrees.

Walked around for a couple hours the next day trying to find an iced coffee. Is there any place in Montreal where they have coffee already cold instead of pouring hot coffee over ice? Since Second Cup doesn't even do it, I doubt it but maybe someone out there knows. Or isi this just a New England/east coast thing.

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  1. The resto's namesake is Cube... as in to the power of 3. Its a math thing, to cube something is to multi it by itself three times. So everything comes 3 ways.

    As for your iced coffee.... I know what you mean, but haven't seen it here in years. Take a walk from the St. Paul to Java U on St. Paul street corner St. Francois-Xavier. Good iced coffees.

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      "So everything comes 3 ways"

      But things came two ways too. I think they overdid that aspect but if that's their thing...

      I did get my hot coffee poured over ice at the Java U on St. Denis after about 6 other tries. So it actually used to exist at one point? Granted, the hot coffee is fresher but unless it's been sitting all day, it works better cold. I'll deal with it better when I'm there in Oct., which may not be iced coffee time anyway.

      1. re: Joanie

        good place for ice coffee is trendy Café Olympico on St-Viateur.
        how to ge there: from Downtown metro St Laurent, 55 north get off at st viateur walk west or metro PLace des Arts take the 80 bus north get off at st viateur walk east..either bus route is an excellent way to see what montreal is all about..
        walking distance to st viateur bagel, and a nice chocolat at Geneviève Grandbois' Chocolaterie (yum!)

        1. re: Pif Gadget

          Just to clarify, this is iced coffee made with cold coffee? I do want to try St. Viatur bagels so this sounds good. Is it too far to walk from say St. Laurent and Duluth? I'm assuming it's further up off St. L. but may be completely off in picturing this.

    2. As I said in my post above, I am a big fan of Cube. Had an amazing salmon there, and an excellent glass (well, three actually) of Chinon. Fun, friendly staff, great food and a sorbet plate for dessert that looked like it belonged in the Guggenheim Museum. First time I was ever moved to comment on a plate! But it really was a work of art and added a touch of style to a great meal. (Oh, and the Hotel St. Paul caters a good banquet, too...their scallops are very tasty.)