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Apr 10, 2014 07:48 AM

Breakfast near Woburn

My boys and I will be staying in Woburn for a few nights. Any good breakfast spots around? As much as I love them, no greasy spoons. Looking for a place with steel cut oats, homemade granola, pancakes, etc.

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  1. I love As Good As It Gets in Wilmington. Delicious breakfast friendly staff.

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      Hmmm, never heard of this one before. Will check it out. thx.

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        I hadn't heard about this place either so I decided to check it out for lunch today. It's fairly well hidden in a small plaza were Rte 38 and 129 intersects. Interior was nice, menu was fairly extensive and my two eggs over easy with bacon and homefries was fine apart from the skins left on the potatoes, doesn't like that but they were nicely seasoned and the toasted Italian bread was OK. Nice and friendly service, lots of regulars.


      2. Probably not exactly what you are looking for but a place that does a very good breakfast is the Swanton St. Diner in Winchester. Its not far from Woburn. I would put it a cut above a "greasy spoon" but and they serve all the standard breakfast favorites. An added attraction is that after you finish breakfast you can walk right across the street to Mamadou's Artisinal Bakery and buy some excellent breads and croissants.

        1. We like Blue Moon Grill in Wakefield. They make excellent pancakes, and I love their veggie omelets.

          1. If you'll be there for Saturday breakfast and you can wait until 10 a.m., you could give Masa in Woburn a shot. They have a Fiesta Brunch deal with a choice of one of three starters, one of four entrees, and coffee or tea for &7.95. It's a good deal and service has been good (lots of coffee refills, etc.) when we've gone. The food isn't amazing but it is solid and made with quality ingredients.

            1. The Restaurant doesn't get a lot of love here, but it's right in Woburn center and has it's own free parking.

              It's owned and operated by a Greek family and it's spotless. The only downside is that it's served cafeteria style. But the pancakes are phenomenal and the omelets are huge and delicious.

              They have oatmeal, but I am not a fan, so I can't give you my opinion.

              I always ask for dark rye toast, unbuttered.

              Another option, which I would try is to take a 5 minute ride on 93 South to Tenoch in Medford Square. It has fabulous food and is now open for breakfast.