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Sep 10, 2003 06:12 PM

Montreal's loss :(

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I'm very sad to learn that Tokiwa has closed it's doors. Lately, it seems that fast food, delivered sushi has taken over Montreal, and the quality of sushi offered by Koji is hard to find. Isakaya (sp) is a close alternative, but I think Koji had one of the best bargains, and freshest fish in town. I only visit a few times a year, so maybe someone wants to suggest a replacement ?

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  1. Sho-Dan... right around the corner from Tokiwa's location on Rene Levesque, but I pref the Sho-Dan on Metcalfe, above De Maisonneuve.

    1. Oh no please don't tell me that it's true:s
      mmmm my other favorite would be Zen-Ya on St-Catherine
      next to Future Shop. Very good too:p More innovative.
      Don't be scared of the maki and the price. It lists only 4 pieces per roll but it really is more and really big:p They also have Albacore (white tuna) my favorite.

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      1. re: Jessie

        Oh I just called Tokiwa. They said that
        there were doing renovations until Sept. 21:D

        1. re: Jessie

          Reopening, yes. Koji, no. I hear all new staff and new menu.

      2. If this is true (Koji "gone") then it means one of two things: he's left Montreal or he's going to open another new place. Remember that he left Koji's Kaizen (now just Kaizen and upstairs Tree Lounge) to open Tokiwa.

        While yes Tokiwa had some of the best fish, it was by no means a bargain or even a "good deal". It was a nice, cozy small restautant (my all time favorite in fact), but let's keep it in perspective: not a single person in the kitchen was japanese...

        I hope he sticks around and opens a new place.. he has a dedicated troupe of patrons here.

        Hrm. Zhen-La has really good fish but the decor is harsh and uninviting and VERY dark. The chairs screetch against the hard rock floors. You can barely see your food. Very un-japanese.