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Apr 10, 2014 06:21 AM

Groups Asking Congress To Make FDA Test Food For Radiation

A coalition of groups is asking Congress to do something as the FDA continues to sit on a petition asking for transparent testing of food for radiation including contamination from the Fukushima disaster.

FDA has done nothing, made excuses and pointed to a routine testing program that hasn't published any data since 2009. Meanwhile citizen and NGO testing has been finding frequent positive results for radioactive contamination in domestic and imported foods.

The FDA set the level where they will pull foods off the market at 1200 bq/kg. This is the highest in the world and far higher than current scientific research considers safe.

The groups are doing a contact Congress day today to demand some transparent and useful testing along with a safe intervention level to keep contaminated foods off the market.
Some of the citizen funded radiation testing can be found here.

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  1. replies to an issue that deserves hundreds.

    Seems kinda par for the course though, these days. The average US citizen doesn't much care about regulation (of all sorts), climate change, rampant NSA abuses (and yes, they knew about Heartbleed for two years before you heard about it this week–IF you heard about it at all) and a plutocracy that's replaced democracy. What was it that Benjamin Franklin said when asked about a brand spanking new US..."(you have) a republic...if you can keep it." Unfortunately, we're far too concerned with social networking and the latest iPhone or XBox to worry about trivial things like safe food. "Mission Dumbed Down" successful...we're amusing ourselves to death.

    And I say this as someone who would love to have foods that we could feel safe eating...but I'm on the verge of giving up. We get what we're given, and probably what we deserve. And that makes me outraged, beyond sad, and depressed beyond belief.

    This is the way empires end. Except this time, we're going to drag the whole world down with us.

    But, hey...I heard a rumor that the McRib's coming back soon! Nom nom!

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    1. re: annagranfors

      "Unfortunately, we're far too concerned with social networking and the latest iPhone or XBox to worry about trivial things like safe food."
      Or unscientific fears about food safety.

      1. re: chefj

        How is it "unscientific"? The bulk of the foods selected and tested by the FDA's market basket program in 2006 found low levels of strontium 90 in food sold in US grocery stores.

        Why these levels of strontium 90 in the food supply matter and how finding it in children's teeth got above ground bomb testing in the US banned. We are still paying the price for that.

      2. I have a Your judgment of Americans is fascinating.

        1. The radiation testing is not needed.A simple ban on importation of foodstuffs from the Fukushima Prefecture will suffice as there is no significant contamination outside that immediate area. Remember, virtually all food, regardless of where it was produced is radioactive due primarily to Potassium-40, Carbon-14, etc.

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          1. re: NVJims

            That is an inaccurate statement. Natural radioactive in food like potassium 40 is nothing like cesium 137 or strontium 90 in the food supply. It also isn't a matter of banning foods from Fukushima prefecture when foods outside that area still show up as contaminated on a regular basis.
            As part of the increased awareness a recent German study was found that showed many of those euro jams sold in US stores are contaminated not from Fukushima but from Chernobyl. Yep, decades later certain food products from parts of Europe are contaminated. This all became an issue when a Japanese newspaper had a lab test an "Italian" organic jam that was actually being produced in Bulgaria in a region known to have gotten considerable contamination from Chernobyl. The results were over the Japanese intervention level where they will pull food off the market and the Tokyo municipal lab confirmed the result. The German NGO that tested European jams found similar problems. The second link I provided go to the list that includes the European jams.

            For people who want to actually understand why bananas or potassium 40 as comparisons to man made contamination of the food supply are a bogus argument this gives a good explanation: