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Apr 9, 2014 10:22 PM


Organic black peppercorn recall, yikes
Frontier Natural / Whole Foods 365 / Simply Organic and a few other brands apparently come from the same place. The products in question date as far back as August 2013, up to March 2014

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  1. Ok - that's probably in my peppermill right now and has been for a while. Thanks for the heads up, but I'll just use up what I have since I haven't had any ill effects and I only cook for myself these days.

    That same company supplies the bulk products for most of the co-ops in the Twin Cities, too.

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    1. re: MplsM ary

      I'd hazard a guess that Frontier supplies every food coop in the USA. I've been using those peppercorns too, presumably salmonella free. No reported deaths but still...yikes.

      1. re: pitu

        "I'd hazard a guess that Frontier supplies every food coop in the USA."

        I'd agree with that, and also with the yikes . I've definitely been using them all that time and I just bought some Frontier tellicherry peppercorns about a month ago.


      FDA has been looking into the presence of pathogens and 'filth' in spices.

      Spices like peppercorn are traditionally dried on open air surfaces (even on roads). And they are often used raw.

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        I remember the recent outbreak of food poisoning in the UK attributed (by the public health authorities) to uncooked curry leaves:

        So the risks are real but as the FDA study indicates its a relatively small risk. Thus I suppose always sensible to choose spices carefully and if nothing else visually inspect them before using - I often find small stones and little twigs.

      2. Frontier has a hotline 800-669-3275 -- the recall only specifies whole black peppercorn, but they make peppercorn blends and supply so many store brands...

        Anybody know if there is another organic black peppercorn supplier in the USA? Does Penzy's use Frontier as a supplier?

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        1. re: pitu

          I don't see any claims on Penzy's that their peppercorns are organic. It is quite possible that most the crop, world wide, is organic (grown by small scale farmers too poor to buy fertilizers and pesticides), but not certified as such.

          Check the FDA study.

        2. I see that it tells you who supplies the peppercorns. I want to know where they get it from. Does anyone know.?