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Apr 9, 2014 09:14 PM

Need a place in Culver that delivers family-style dinners...

Any suggestions? THANKS

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  1. Ugo Italian delivers.

    1. Not sure if they will deliver to Culver City, or not, but The Main Course http://www.themaincourse.biz/ on Pico would be worth checking out. One other thought, Clementine http://clementineonline.com/ in Century City does deliver, but the distance they would go would probably revolve around the size of your order. But I would call them too just to see what they might say.

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        1. Victor Jr.'s, on Washington across from the studio, does really good eggplant parm, a very nice Italian salad, good mall meatballs, and a number of other dishes. Their pizza is pricy and not their strongest item. Their Italian beef sandwich w/ au jus is excellent. I do not know if they deliver.

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            Yum - sounds really good. Thanks!