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Apr 9, 2014 09:14 PM

Need a place in Culver that delivers family-style dinners...

Any suggestions? THANKS

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  1. Ugo Italian delivers.

    1. Not sure if they will deliver to Culver City, or not, but The Main Course on Pico would be worth checking out. One other thought, Clementine in Century City does deliver, but the distance they would go would probably revolve around the size of your order. But I would call them too just to see what they might say.

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        1. Victor Jr.'s, on Washington across from the studio, does really good eggplant parm, a very nice Italian salad, good mall meatballs, and a number of other dishes. Their pizza is pricy and not their strongest item. Their Italian beef sandwich w/ au jus is excellent. I do not know if they deliver.

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            Yum - sounds really good. Thanks!