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Apr 9, 2014 08:37 PM

Kay Cheung In Chinatown Closed [San Francisco]

Kay Cheung on Jackson St. has closed after more than 15 years. Looks like something else will take its place. What I'm wondering is if it will be Cantonese or non-Cantonese.

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  1. Not surprised, it was a weak spot in the strongest restaurant block in Chinatown. I'll keep my eyes peeled.

    If you are still in SF, check out Terra Cotta Warrior (Judah & 31st) and see how it compares with LA's Xi'an noodle joints.

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    1. re: soupçon

      Could only stop by Terra Cotta Warrior for a sniff on the way back from San Jose to SF. They do have the signature Shaanxi dishes you find in LA including the lamb burger, Shaanxi noodles, and pita bread soup. But they also have a bunch of Sichuan items on the menu, so it's not a pure menu. I suspect this is for the benefit of the non-Asian neighborhood clientele that I saw in the restaurant.

      1. re: Chandavkl

        I think they are just trying to present a diverse menu. They also have some Xinjiang dishes like "big plate chicken," not exactly a gueilao-grabber.

        The blurb on the back of their menu reads "Shaanxi cuisine is derived from the native cooking styles of Shaanxi province and parts of Northwest China."

    2. Found out KC has been taken over by the Vital Tea Leaf people and will apparently open as "Begonia Bistro" after a remodel. They're transferring the beer and wine license, so presumably they will have more that tea-tasting.

      1. The original comment has been removed