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the original pancake house (white plains)

I have been anxiously waiting for them to open (i have never been to one and not an i-hop fan). but after driving past so many times and seeing no progress ,i'm wondering if they are still planning to open ,and if so when ? does anyone know?

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  1. Am in the same boat as you are. Signs are still up so the best one can do is keep an eye out. For now.

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        It's at the northwest corner of Hamilton and MLK Jr.

        I've seen posts promising that it will open in January, then became Febuary, then March. Haven't heard anything new.

      2. About 2 weeks ago my husband and I drove around there one night looking for it but couldn't find it. It was dark, but we didn't even see signs.

        I think it's on the opposite side of the street of the mall where DMV is, on the side by McDonald's...address is listed as Hamilton Avenue. But we didn't see anything.

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          the signs are still there ,it is on the corner of hamilton and martin luther king blvd..it is on the ground floor of what is almost completely an office bldg. and also posted beside the bldg is a for lease sign-hopefully for a different space but...

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            On the website it says "Spring 2014" so there is still plenty of time for it to open.

        2. That Mall is out of the way. I've lived in White Plains 9 years and I forget that it is even there.

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            it is not in the mall-but directly across the street with the parking it would have to be more of a destination

          2. Eagerly awaiting the opening as well. I go to the ones in the Detroit burbs at least once while visiting my in-laws, it's way better than IHOP. Hopefully, the crowds aren't as insane for the White Plains one as they are for the ones in Michigan - if you don't show up before 9 a.m. on a weekend, you're waiting an hour-plus for a table!

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                *L* that is the whole point... originally said jan., then march, now spring. even the website for all of them now only says spring

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                  I emailed them; reply below.

                  Not much to go on, but then again, the guy who replied to my email is their attorney (and their corporate chef!).

                  "I wish I had more specific info. Looking as if it could be very soon!

                  The phone number on the site will be the most up to date, when more is known.

                  Yours truly,

                  Jon Liss
                  General Counsel and Corporate Chef
                  The Original Pancake House Franchising, Inc.

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                    looks like a typical case of legalese - "waffling" as to the reply.

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                      Keep in mind that restaurants are at the mercy of when Con Ed and the Board of Health are willing to connect things and approve their opening. That's why most places in Westchester open way past their planned dates.

                2. One of my favorite breakfast places, hope it opens soon!

                  1. Opening 4/21, per email response from company:

                    "I just learned that 4/21 is the opening.

                    Thank you for your patience.

                    Yours truly,

                    Jon Liss
                    General Counsel and Corporate Chef "

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                      thanks- i would be even happier for the news if my clothes fit me better, but i'm sure i'll get there soon anyway. the dieting can always start the next day!

                    2. 170 Hamilton white plain they will open monday

                      1. they open Monday you can stop by tomorrow and get free food

                        1. Went there today for their *soft* opening.Had 2 eggs,4 pancakes,bacon and iced tea. Everything was excellent! Met the owner/manager- very nice lady.Definitely a place to support and excellent food to boot.Btw the omelets and the apple pancake both looked terrific and HUGE.

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                            I went to the pancake house in white plains on Sunday May 4 at around 10:40am. It was packed and there was a waiting list for a table. We were seated after a 15-20 minute wait and immediately placed our order. As we waited for our food, people at three tables near us got up and left because they were tired of waiting for their food. After we waited 40 minutes since placing out food order our waiter told us it would be an additional 30 minutes before our food was ready. Needless to say, we got up and left, with empty stomachs. They've got to get their act together.

                          2. Common sense, people, for a hot new pancake house that just opened and showing up on SUNDAY morning.


                            What do you expect? There's a long wait to get into City Diner at 10:40 on a Sunday morning -- what makes you think you're going to waltz into this brand new place?

                            My son, in high school, went with his friends on a weekday evening, had no problem, and loved the food.

                            So if you want to experience OPH, don't go on Sunday morning because you are just asking for a very long wait.

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                              But if you read carefully- over an hour to receive your food after ordering is not exactly what one should expect,Sunday or any other day! I certainly hope they make a go of it

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                                How did they go on a weekday evening? They close at 3PM.
                                We tried it on a Friday morning and they were still a little shaky in the expediting and service. But, the food was good, and we were glad to hear they have their own parking spots just past the entrance.

                              2. Was there again today -Saturday May 10th.Western omelette and 3 pancakes. Service and the food were all excellent. Spoke to Allison-the owner/manager and mentioned the post about last Sunday and the service. I was told last Sunday their pos system and several other nearby restaurants all crashed. However ,as tomorrow is Mother's Day, would expect their to be a wait.