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Apr 9, 2014 07:10 PM

Shorewood Restaurant closed

I just discoverd that the Shorewood Restaurant in Fridley hqs closed. We didn't go there often, but we akways liked the food. My father went to lunch there weekly to meet up with friends. (I hope they find another place to go.)

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  1. Couldn't compete against the Shortstop and $2.50 gigantic Bud Lights.

    Seriously though, we'd have apps or split a Greek entrée in the bar once in a while because it was close and this part of town is a restaurant desert. The food was pretty standard off the nationwide food service truck stuff but it was good for that type of offering. Always had great service. Thought they would make it; especially with the live music on the weekends.

    Nicklow's up Hwy. 65 closed a few months ago as well after the father passed away. IIRC he was a brother to the owner of Shorewood.

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    1. re: NordeastB

      The Nicklow's on Highway 100 closed about 15 years ago when they widened the highway. I think the Nicklow's bar on Laddie Lake was owned by Bill Nicklow and the Shorewood by Jim.

      How is the food at Shortstop?

      1. re: John E.

        Sorry, I meant the bar & grill in Spring Lake Park. Remember the old Nicklow's on 36 & 100 fondly. We tried the food at Shortstop a couple times; usual suburban bar eats unfortunately. Haven't been back in years.

        We stick to Brick's in Blaine in this part of town. Good food and great beer selection.

        1. re: slp74

          Bill, Jim's brother I believe, passed away. See

          It closed a few months later.

      2. I hope whoever buys it knocks that hideous-looking building down. It looks like one of those tacky supper clubs up north. I live in Spring Lake Park, and the closest thing similar to the Shorewood (south of 85th that is) is Sarna's on Uni and 40th.