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Apr 9, 2014 05:18 PM

Post-Gradulation dinner for large mixed-age group Downtown LA

Our son will be graduating from High School in June, and the ceremony will be held at Disney Hall on a Monday evening. We are looking to go from the ceremony to a celebration dinner nearby afterward, with our family and perhaps a few others. My guess is that the size of the group will be about 25-30 people, including siblings and grandparents. We want to avoid the usual music center options like Kendall's and Nick & Stef's as they are generally overpriced and will be swarming. I had thought of seeing if we could take over the patio at Blue Cow, and another person had suggested McCormick & Schmit's for a group our size, although I hear it's a bit run down lately. Other thought was Pete's Cafe, since their menu would work for the mix of folks. Water Grill is likely to fancy for the younger kids. Does anyone have other thoughts?

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  1. Outdoor patio at Cafe Pinot.

    Especially in June (if there's no "June Gloom") it should be a lovely setting.

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    1. re: ipsedixit

      That's a great idea. I forgot about that place. Haven't been since Mark Gold left.

    2. might be worth it to see if you can basically get the entire wood spoon restaurant.

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      1. re: set0312

        I'll check that out as well. Thank you!

      2. Drago Centro. The have a great patio...but I'm guessing they must have a private room as well. And it's a good sized place. I like Pete's, but don't know if they have room for 30.

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        1. re: perk

          Thanks, I'll check there, too.

        2. Colori Kitchen is closed on Mondays; don't know if 25-30 people would enough to make an argument for them to open for you all? Otherwise, I think Wood Spoon is great.

          Maybe Nickel Diner, if you don't mind really casual (would be fun for a mixed-age group, I think).

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