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Apr 9, 2014 04:55 PM


Anyone been to Bovinoche, the May 17th whole animal grilling event in Simpsonville, SC?

I'm heading to the event for the first time this year and would love to hear what you thought if you've been. Thanks!

Here's the website:
Their Facebook Page:

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  1. I went last year and really enjoyed it. The food was delicious, people were great and it was very interesting to observe the contraptions and cooking (from behind the partition). It was a very well organized event.

    I went solo and had a nice time - although it would have been more fun if I'd had a companion since so many of the folks attending knew each other and were catching up.

    Definitely worth doing though! Have fun and bring your appetite...

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      1. By the way, if you spot the organizer say hello! I was able to chat with him for a few minutes (busy guy at that event) and I enjoyed getting to ask him a few questions and learn more. Part of my reason for attending was that I find it fascinating that someone could take a random sort of interest and pursue it to this extent! Great inspiration for the rest of us.

        1. Do you want to be part of a unique, savory, one-of-a-kind food and fun adventure? I mean a REAL one-of-a-kind I-can't-believe-my-eyes-and-my-tastebuds type of adventure? If so, Bovinoche is definitely for you, your family, your friends and random folks you don't know but keep returning year after year.

          This is the REAL DEAL, folks. Whole-animal cooking, wholesome music/entertainment - a WHOLE LOT OF FUN!

          Where else can you taste so many flavors at one location, on one day for one price? Only in Simpsonville, S.C. on May 17.

          This isn't the type of event where you say, "Oh, I've been there, done that." Nope. You'll leave going, "That was INCREDIBLE! I got my fill, can't wait to go back next year for seconds!"

          From whole cow roasting over a wood-burning fire to rotisserie-cooked hogs under the watchful eye of barbecue pitmaster champions and a conglomerate of other whole fire-cooked animals such as goats, lamb, chickens and more - oh, did I mention a "dish" of paella, the national dish of Spain - big enough to feed in excess of 200-plus folks?

          This is SERIOUS food, but CRAZY fun! And THESE folks who spend countless hours preparing for this annual event - in which a portion of the proceeds benefit LOCAL charities - know what it takes to unconventionally demonstrate "true Southern hospitality" at its finest.

          Good food? Check
          Make your guests feel like they're at home? Check
          Good time? Check
          Friendly? Check
          Will the kids have fun? You better believe it!

          Another aspect of this event that I enjoy is the proximity to downtown Greenville. I live near the Low Country area of S.C. and I stay overnight in Simpsonville. The event can definitely be handled in "one day," but why not make it a "staycation," of sorts, and explore this area of South Carolina - enjoy taking part in what'll be known as "the talk of the town" without a doubt.

          Psst...I've even heard that some nationally-televised reality show may be there!

          Give Bovinoche a try! You'll only be disappointed if you don't go.

          1. Anyone have an idea what the chances are of tickets selling out? Have they sold out in the past? I want to attend but can't commit until the last week or so because I may have something else I have to attend.

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              I have no idea. There seem to be a few changes this year. The venue has changed and I think it has gone from 2 days down to one. Since I knew I wouldn't be attending I haven't followed the details very closely.

              If you need contact info send me an email - in my profile.

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                Tickets will be cut off at 500 $35 before event $45 (May 17) at the gate.. The menu is 1 cow, 6 goats, 6 lambs, 1 boar, 1 ram 5-6 pigs and a bacon wrapped whole alligator. Also a few assorted fowl.

                1. re: JB BANNISTER

                  I can't imagine how many pounds of bacon it would take to wrap an alligator!