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Apr 9, 2014 03:35 PM

Is the low carb, no gluten trend hurting pizza, pasta & bread sales?

Just wondering although I think I know the answer. More & more people especially young, health conscious people & dieters are cutting back on carbohydrates & avoiding gluten altogether. This is bound to hurt sales of all things wheat. Are those industries reacting yet?

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  1. No idea, but if my wife, who is going the low-carb route is any indication, it is surely damaging their bottom line somewhat.

    1. In my small town, this translates to "mom heard about it on Oprah" or whatever.

      Hungry dad and the kids order pizza delivery.

      The trend may actually be helping the national pizza delivery joints.

      1. Pizza's not going anywhere...pizzerias face all the same challenges as other restaurants, rising costs of ingredients/delivery costs, general economic conditions, etc.
        Chain pizzerias and more flexible independents are adding gluten-free crusts. Strictly as a consumer, I expect the GF trend to only temporarily have a negative impact on pizza and pasta sales, in much the same way as the low-carb craze hit Krispy Kreme and Dunkin Donuts a few years back. Sales ultimately rebounded.

        There's an industry report for the pizza industry that looked at 2013 and projects for 2014...

        "Summing Up
        All in all, our research suggests that the pizza industry fared well in the past year, and all indications point to another strong year ahead. Independent operators continue to thrive, holding their own against the big chains. Innovations abound throughout the industry, another positive sign for a healthy industry. Across the United States, pizzeria owners continue to adhere to cherished traditions of pizza making while embracing new ideas and technologies. And, best of all, the consumer’s love for pizza endures from generation to generation, ensuring that the world’s most popular food will remain popular for a very long time."

        1. There are more and more gf pastas and breads on the shelf every time i go grocery shopping!
          Some of the prices are atronomical ($8/lb for gf pasta?!) so i would say if anything the companies selling gf pastas and breads are making more $$ by exploiting this dietary trend and selling product at a huge profit margin vs the smaller profit margin on traditional pastas sold at $1-2/lb

          1. I think perspective is important. Your close friends may be conscious of these things and it may seem like a huge trend but most of the country is still fully indulging in wheat and carbs. My colleagues alone, a bunch of doctors, think I'm nuts when I discuss such matters.