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Apr 9, 2014 03:14 PM

Blue crabs in Connecticut?

Anybody know of a fishmonger that sells blue crabs in ct? We want to steam them baltimore style. Thanks!

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  1. You can find them uncooked on ice in good supermarket fish counters like Fairway and Wholefoods. Most seafood shops also carry blue claws in warm months.

    You can also catch them yourself. Connecticut saline rivers and brackish backwaters offer blue claws by net or trap during the summer -- just google the subject and you'll find forums and stories about locations and yields. However the haul is usually meager and the size small.

    1. In my experience your best bet for reasonably priced live blue crab is one of the many oriental markets around Ct.
      Th largest being A Dong in West Hartford.

      1. Number 0ne Fish on State St. in Hamden has them, I just called.

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          Thanks a million. You nailed it! Gonna save fortune on shipping from md!