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Apr 9, 2014 02:14 PM

2014 NC Farm to Fork Picnic tickets on sale

2014 NC Farm to Fork Picnic tickets are on sale at

This year's event is on Sunday, June 8 from 4-7pm at the Breeze Farm in Hurdle Mills.

For more info see

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  1. ANyone going to The Taste event? That makes this event look cheap.

    1. What are folks' impressions of this event? I know there had been some complaints about the quality of food (pre-made dishes, salads) due to the remote siting.

      Was planning on hitting up the NC mountains a weekend in June for the peak of rhododendron season and this might be good to tack on. Of course, I was vehemently opposed to the price increase from $60 to $100 a couple of years ago...

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        I volunteered a few years back (because the tickets were too expensive, and this let me get in for free) and I thought the food was awesome.

        1. re: mikeh

          In your situation it would be a nice way to get a good feel for what's going on in the Triangle at the moment. You can touch base with a larger number of makers/producers there than you could otherwise on a brief visit back.

          I enjoyed the food and felt there were a few standout items when I went, particularly The Farmers Daughter. The sheer number of people made most discussion with exhibitors very limited though.

          But things run out quickly and it was brutally hot. You may want to pick up a couple of cheap lawn chairs if you don't have anyone to borrow them from. Bring bug spray, hand sanitizer and water. Shoes for walking in muck were handy for my visit since there had been heavy rain the days before.

          Personally, I continue to boycott the event because I feel the price increase is very much at odds with so many aspects of what they profess to value. I've been involved with growers and makers for decades and their decision just goes against so much of the values which helped develop the local/organic/artisan culture and get us to this point imho.

          1. re: meatn3

            I agree that the price tag continues to give me sticker shock. It would be on the high end of similar events out here in the high-income/high-cost-of-living parts of California (except for a few lavish locally-sourced events in Wine Country where the objective isn't to help develop and/or expose an audience to local/organic/artisan culture). The price disparity over similar events in the Carolinas (TerraVita - $60 for non-alcohol; Lowcountry Local First's Potluck in Charleston at $75) is equally jarring. But I believe this is the largest concentration of Triangle-area purveyors we see all year, so it would certainly be a good opportunity to become re-acquainted with the latest goings-on in the local growers/makers community in the Triangle, about which I care very much.

            Just hitting up Carrboro Farmers Market, Weaver Street, and a handful of eateries wouldn't have the same effect, although that's still my strong inclination given we never got a lucid response from the organizers when we pressed this issue with them when they first raised prices.

            1. re: mikeh

              For a short visit it would be hard to cover as much territory...and it is obvious from your posts that you maintain a strong connection to this area. It is a tough call on a great many levels. But glad you will have a chance to visit and hope your timing and the rhododendrons coincide perfectly!

            2. re: meatn3

              As a participating chef for 6 out of the 8 years, I might seem biased by what an incredible value the picnic is. I don't know any other event where small farms, especially those not connected with the Durham or Carrboro market, have an audience as large as F2F. The price increase a few years ago was made because the previous $60 was only covering the cost of the event (600+ people are served) and this is solely a fundraiser for new farmers in our area. All monies after costs go to Breeze farm and their incubator program. The chefs bear the brunt of all expenses of the food, only beverages are donated.
              It's really a blue ribbon event with a stellar line up of participating chefs and farmers.

              1. re: pheebs

                Glad to see you on here Chef Lawless. I had always imagined that the increase was due to the beverage program. I had a chance to go in 2008 and enjoyed it despite a brief shower. At $100 and (for me) a young family it is a little harder to come by. That being said I would much rather spend the $100 on this then on the The Taste event at the DPAC.

                1. re: pheebs

                  I appreciate your pov and I think we all agree the incubator program is a fantastic resource.

                  My post was not meant to rehash the validity of the event.

                  I have done event planning and have been involved in farm to fork issues long before it had the name. I understand the myriad of issues involved. I simply have deep issues with the current model of this event and choose to spread my limited dollars of support in ways that more closely align with my philosophy.

                  My comments to Mikeh were based on his postings over the years. Through them I have gained a bit of an idea of his food ideology and was speaking to that.

                  1. re: meatn3

                    No worries, meatn3...glad to hear that you are a supporter of our local food economy.
                    I only went into the explanation of the finances for those who might confuse it with other for-profit events in the area.